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Retail & Hospitality

Omni-channel digital promotions with fully automated award and spend rules and complete eWallet functionality for increased customer retention.

retail loyalty programs

Enterprise-level promotions engine

CRM.COM is a solution beyond the traditional retail loyalty programs. It is designed to help implement and manage sophisticated promotions that have a measurable increase in customer spending and repeat visits. 

Frictionless digital promotions, allow for a truly unique customer experience. Customers proceed with their standard payment flows and have their cashback refunded into their designated payment method or the CRM.COM Wallet.

crm billing


Via modern, branded and consumer self-onboard web portals and mobile apps

triple play billing


Via powerful built-in segmentation tools for a personalized experience

ewallet promotions


Via big data driven offers and promotions to increase customer loyalty

ev billing


Maintain ongoing relationship with built-in communication tools

Apps and portals tailored around your brand

CRM.COM comes complete with branded mobile apps and web portals directly configured via the backend.

Allow your customers to easily register and effectively manage their collected awards in their eWallets. Therefore, your customers are always up to date with running offers, their eWallet balance, order history, notifications and more.

retail loyalty programs

Not a fan of native apps?
Add your mobile pass in your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet

If you prefer not to have a native app you can still offer promotions to your customers using Apple and Google wallets, branded for your business.

Customers simply scan a QR code (printed at a store or available online) and quickly register via a short online form. Then, a digital promotions card (mobile pass) is generated and saved into either Apple or Google wallets. Subsequently, customers can scan their unique QR code at the POS or identify themselves at checkouts and earn their cashback at eligible transactions at the retailer’s premises.

retail loyalty programs with Apple Wallet Google Wallet

Personalized & targeted
commerce pool
cashback promotions

Segment your customer base and provide targeted and personalized commerce pool cashback promotions with real value.

Commerce pool cashback allows you to channel awards to the right products and offer increased awards where the margins are higher. Additionally, it allows you to promote purchases during slow-moving days and hours (happy hour) to utilize free capacity. Similarly, it allows you to promote slow-moving or own-brand products.

retail loyalty programs

POS-driven promotions

CRM.COM is pre-integrated to most of the leading POS systems (e.g. Square). In addition, it provides an integration API to make integration easy for any POS. At the same time, CRM.COM handles all the promotion and wallet processes, allowing the POS and eCommerce systems to be agnostic and only have to submit a purchase event.

ewallet payments

Self-scan awards by scanning the receipt

Alternatively, choose from self-scan of QR code from the receipt to POS scan of QR code and award customers.

Let CRM.COM do all the heavy lifting of promotions and offers and enjoy an easy integration to any POS system.

retail loyalty programs QR code rewards

Payout-driven promotions without POS integration or card terminal changes

CRM.COM automatically matches customer purchases to the available commerce pool. The awards are redeemed automatically to an open balance in the CRM.COM eWallet. Based on set thresholds you define, CRM.COM credits the open balance back into the customers’ payment cards.

Meanwhile, CRM.COM handles this process automatically at the back-end with no card terminal changes required. This eliminates the chances of human error during the transaction and results to an easier and faster project launch.

ewallet promotions and payments

Combined with
online ordering
for delivery or pick up

Provide your customers the ability to earn cashback awards on their orders and use their awarded cashback on subsequent orders or on same order as an instant discount. Give your customers a huge incentive to order from you again.

Online orders are placed via the mobile app or web portal for delivery at a preferred location or for pickup from a desired store. Meanwhile, customers have the ability to track the progress of their orders and even provide a real time feedback/rating to allow for product or service improvements.

retail loyalty programs

Up-sell and cross-sell for additional revenue

Give your customers the flexibility to easily upgrade their selected products (e.g. a larger size of coffee or a more advanced tech product).

Allow them to combine their products of choice with other related products (e.g. with every coffee get a snack for $1 or with every gadget get a related accessory) with advanced SKU-based retail rewards. 

ott billing

Ideal for multi-merchant schemes or shopping malls

Provide your customers the ability to be rewarded from multiple merchants with multiple merchant-specific offers. The retail loyalty program of CRM.COM allows your customers to collect cashback in a single wallet and spend it at either any participating merchant or at specific merchants.

Additionally, a merchant settlement process settles awards and spends between merchants and the business.

retail loyalty programs

Passes – the new buzzword for gift cards

Gift cards have always been an appropriate gift on special occasions. Allow your customers to purchase physical or electronic gift cards (gift passes). Passes can then be spent at a specific merchant or a group of merchants in the case of shopping malls. Customers can purchase passes of a fixed amount of money or they may specify the amount they wish to top-up the gift card with.

The passes can be spent by scanning their QR code at the POS.

Enhance your retail loyalty programs with innovative gift passes for repeat purchases.

electronic gift cards

Your retail/food/beverage products on subscription

Setting up a nice brand which customers love is hard work. Now, you can turn that hard work into a recurring revenue business by offering your products on a subscription basis.

Apart from retail rewards, opting for a subscription, customers can have peace of mind that their favorite food, beverage or any other product will be delivered to them (or picked up by them) on a recurring basis.

Set up your subscription plans for daily or monthly allowances or a discount on the standard retail price. Apply unique offers and grow your subscriber base in zero time with minimal effort.

fintech subscriptions

Are you launching a new promotions and ordering platform? Thinking of replacing your existing retail loyalty program to boost your sales and increase retention?