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Verify identity, onboard customers and capture customer transactions from any system

billing software

Commerce wallet for digital money and rewards

EMI-grade eWallet for brand rewards and FinTech including digital offers, commerce pools and gift passes

Key Features


Onboard via
branded apps or
self-service API




Create micro-
personas via


Identify and
analyze customer


and engage
with customers

Configurable no code mobile apps, web portals and mobile passes

Onboard customers via ready-made mobile apps, web portals, mobile passes or via your own channels using the CRM.COM self-service API.

Branded no code front-end with configurable logos, colours, images and embedded links.

Simplify the onboarding process with minimal but useful data capturing and secured OTPs.

QR code rewards

Frictionless and friction-light
purchase event capturing

CRM.COM is pre-integrated with leading POS, e-commerce systems and card terminals, with the purchase basket sent to CRM.COM. Choose from:

  • Frictionless payment driven customer identification
  • Self-scan of QR code
  • POS scan of QR code.

Uniquely, CRM.COM handles all the promotion and payment logic from its backend, leaving front end systems agnostic of promotions and subscriptions.

POS connectivity is simple and achieved with basic configuration, simply posting sales and subscription transactions to CRM.COM.

Segment customers into micro-personas using the built-in BI

Build multiple micro-personas via the advanced segmentation and advanced BI tools and understand who your target audience is.

Develop insights about your audience and their specific needs in order to customize the experiences you provide them. Capture rich customer data and form more accurate micro-personas.

fintech subscriptions

Automate communications and notifications

Easily engage with your customers via in-app notifications, email or SMS for marketing, financial or operational purposes. Don’t let customers miss any key event and keep them up to date with their service reminders or milestone notifications.​

Intuitive CRM suite

Automate activities, sales and service ticketing while managing customer relationships leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales and enhanced business productivity.

service requests

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