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B2B commerce with product aggregation and joint promotions within your business community

B2B commerce

Key Features

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with multiple

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Commerce wallet for product and promotion aggregation

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B2B Marketplace

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B2B Affiliate Commerce

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B2B Commerce Pools

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B2B Spend

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B2B Settlement

Business Community Commerce to Grow Your Brand

A platform topology to monetise your business community

CRM.COM is designed as a platform topology, enabling your business to engage with peer businesses,  thereby enriching your offering to your customers.

CRM.COM owns and operates the platform with multiple Service Owners offering value-added services. Additionally, you can become a service owner, where you run the CRM.COM service and sign up businesses. This opportunity is typically suited for regional or industry-focused providers, such as a bank, a telecom provider or a technology provider.

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Set up your business network

Via CRM.COM, you can create your internal channel structure of merchants, venues and service providers and service points. Moreover, you can cooperate with peer businesses in aggregating products and services as well as sharing promotions and offers.

Invite businesses to join as your B2B Merchants or alternatively you join them as their B2B Merchants to set up your marketplace, affiliate commerce and Commerce Pools.

Ideal for strong brands that want to extend their reach through B2B marketplaces and affiliate model agreements.

Fostering community connections with peer businesses and customers

Foster a community connection among customers and enrich your product and service portfolio by bundling products into your product catalogue from peer businesses (B2B Merchants). Additionally, you can pool your common demand for certain products or services to negotiate better terms and pricing from suppliers.

The collective purchasing power enables the community to secure more favorable deals compared to individual purchasing. Furthermore, you can set up a discount agreement with your partners and pass back part of that discount as a refund into the wallet.

Lastly, allow your customers to purchase products and services from peer businesses using your wallet. This not only enhances customer convenience but also strengthens community ties and fosters collaboration among businesses.

Have peer businesses (B2B Merchants) create and fund promotions to your customers​. Leverage the strengths and resources of peer businesses and enhance the value offered to your customer base.

With B2B Affiliate Commerce Delegated, have supplier brands (B2B Merchants) create and fund promotions for their products sold by you to your customers​.

Your business can benefit from attractive promotions and offers funded by peers businesses which can lead to increased customer engagement and loyalty.

Ultimately, affiliate commerce provides a win-win scenario by driving mutual growth and success for all participating businesses.

Create and publish commerce pools for idle capacity of products and services, allowing other businesses to award their customers or provide benefits to employees. Additionally, negotiate or auction a discount (contribution) and witness improvements in your top line and bottom line.

This approach is particularly ideal for strong brands with a popular product that can be utilised by other businesses.

Empower your customers to utilise their Business Pocket balance across a network of participating businesses within the community.

Foster a more interconnected and collaborative business environment, where customers can seamlessly spend their balance on a variety of products and services offered by peer businesses.

Encourage a circular economy, where businesses support each other, leading to mutual growth and a stronger, more resilient marketplace.

Reconcile and manage financial transactions between businesses via B2B Settlement

Settle wallet spend, marketplace purchases and affiliate commerce between your business, your merchants and your B2B merchants via the CRM.COM B2B Settlement functionality.

Ensure that all parties receive accurate payments for their transactions, maintain financial transparency and help manage cash flow effectively with a process provided by CRM.COM out of the box.