Product aggregation and joint promotions with your partners and channels

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Commerce wallet for digital money and rewards

EMI-grade eWallet for brand rewards and FinTech including digital offers, commerce pools and gift passes


Platform topology


B2B spends


Demand based aggregation


Commerce based aggregation


Shared commerce pools

Increase customer reach and engagement with our community model

CRM.COM was designed from the ground up as an ecosystem platform, enabling your business to engage with other businesses to enrich your offering to your customers.

You can be a service owner, where you run the CRM.COM service and sign up businesses, typically suited for regional or industry focused providers, such as a bank, a telecom provider or a technology provider.


Most commonly, you are a business that uses CRM.COM to provide enterprise membership to its customers. Not only you can create your internal channel structure of merchants and venues but uniquely you can cooperate with other businesses (the business community) in aggregating products and services and sharing promos and offers.

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B2B Spends

Enable B2B spends where your customers spend their open balance across the business community. 

Communities means business

Foster a community connection among members and enrich your product and service portfolio. Award your customers for shopping at friendly businesses and vice versa, an ideal model for coalition models and global brands.

Leveraging B2B partnerships with aggregation

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Demand-based aggregation

Demand-based aggregation with the ability  to subscribe and buy complimentary products from within the community using the CRM.COM wallet. Set up a discount agreement with your partners and pass back part of that discount as a refund into the CRM.COM wallet. Ideal for strong brands that want to extend their reach through affiliate model agreements.

Commerce-based aggregation

Commerce-based aggregation with the ability to enhance your product catalogue with community products that can be easily purchased by your customers using their CRM.COM Wallet. Accept charges as purchase events reconciled to your invoicing. Ideal for triple play and subscription based aggregation models.

Sell idle capacity via commerce pools

Publish commerce pools for idle capacity of products and services and let other businesses buy it for their customers to use in their awards or passes. Negotiate or auction a discount (contribution) and see your top line and bottom line improve. An innovative and powerful feature, ideal for strong brands with a popular product that can be used by other businesses.

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