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& Retention

Subscriptions | Promotions | Commerce Wallet | Community Commerce

subscription billing software by CRM.COM

& Retention

subscription billing software by CRM.COM

Subscriptions | Promotions | eWallets | B2B Commerce

Recurring monetisation for a digital, customer-focused world

subscription billing software for triple play

Enterprise billing and retention for modern triple play operators

subscription billing software for IoT

Subscriptions and device management for IoT operators

subscription billing software for video and media

Advanced monetisation and retention for OTT media platforms

eWallet-based promotions

Beyond loyalty promotions and direct commerce for retailers

merchant-driven rewards for banking

Merchant promotions and subscriptions for banking

FinTech eWallets

Business branded A2A eWallet for new FinTech revenue

B2B marketplace by CRM.COM

Marketplace for product and promotion aggregation

Enterprise class subscription billing software
& eWallet-based promotions for retention

Evolve from transactions to monetised relationships


Onboard customers, capture transactions from any system and create segmented personas.
Provide your customers with amazing no-code apps.

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& Promotions

eWallet-based promotions and digital payments.
Innovative, frictionless, eWallet-based loyalty and rewards to increase retention.

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& Commerce

Enterprise-class subscription billing software and ordering. Powerful product catalogue and flexible pricing models for any product or service.

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Establish your B2B marketplace and aggregate products and promotions within the community. Efficiently foster collaboration between businesses.

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Unleash success across multiple industries

Stay ahead of competition and keep peace of mind knowing that CRM.COM gives you not ontly enterprise features but also best practice.

Advanced monetisation for OTT and Media

Offer multiple subscription bundles with flexible pricing in a multi-currency, multi-country model. Apply advanced termed, one-off or usage billing, accept multiple payment methods and enhance subscriber retention with BI-driven promotions.

Enterprise class and TMForum compliant

Model all your services and bundles in our enterprise product catalogue. Increase revenue with multiple billing models, from usage-based  to subscription-based. Increase retention by establishing a B2B marketplace.


Automate your end-to-end IoT operations

Everything you need to manage customer orders, from capturing to fulfilment. Advanced subscription and device management, for increased termed, one-off or usage billing revenue.

FinTech subscriptions and promotions

Blend subscriptions and bundled tiers into your product and fee structure and enjoy increased termed revenue. Introduce merchant-funded promotions to retain and grow your customer base and increase payment usage. 

Group and fleet monetisation

Powerful monetisation across all channels, company and franchise-owned. Apply usage billing for any energy product including eCharging, fuel and eServices for groups and customer segments, for example fleets or SMEs.

Increase repeat commerce and retention

Transition from outdated loyalty programs to persona-driven eWallet-based rewards and promotions and embrace the repeat customer economy. Engage into direct commerce with your customers through amazing apps, subscriptions and eOrdering.

Repeat Purchasing

Skyrocketing repeat purchasing

Your gateway to customer-centric retention beyond loyalty

Are you a proud brand providing products and services across multiple channels; own, partner, franchise? Are you selling via multiple devices, i.e., terminals, POS or eCommerce platforms?

CRM.COM provides seamless customer identification, engagement and segmentation, ensuring long-term value through personalised experiences and premium memberships.

Introduce personalised eOrdering and capture all customer events frictionless across any channel and apply real-time promotions in a modern FinTech wallet with ultimate customer value via the CRM.COM wallet.

Discover commerce, partner and B2B-funded promotions that takes your repeat purchasing and customer base growth to another level.

retail loyalty programs
Recurring Commerce

Subscriptions and usage billing

Increase MRR and subscriber retention with telecom-grade subscription billing software

Are you a new-gen service provider offering subscription plans for your multi-service business (e.g. media, data, voice, IoT, XaaS or FinTech)?

CRM.COM ensures serious monetisation through enterprise-class subscription and usage billing for any billing scenario regardless of complexity (e.g. video, data, voice, energy or IoT). Bundle your services with a powerful product catalogue and pricing. Additionally, provide payment flexibility by introducing wallet-based payment flows.

Leverage the BI-driven retention engine and achieve maximum subscriber base growth.

Impress even the most demanding CFO by utilising the financial layers of CRM.COM. Exceed statutory standards but also reduce high payment gateway fees with the CRM.COM Wallet.

MRR subscriptions
Commerce Wallet

Your own branded eWallet

FinTech revenue is definitely not just for the banks

Are you offering a great set of products enjoyed by a large customer base? Do you wish to bring your customers closer to your brand with useful FinTech tools but without the complexity?

Unlock the power of the CRM.COM wallet, an unparalleled commerce wallet available to you as WaaS. Expand your product set with FinTech products while defining your own wallet and transaction fees. Eventually allowing for new revenue streams to come your way.

Personalise your own branded wallet pocket, complete with your own top-up and payment methods or use the ones provided by CRM.COM.

Leverage the innovative commerce features by introducing amazing FinTech tools such as eGifts, eVouchers, eBenefits, donations, auto top-ups and more.

eWallet solution | FinTech eWallet
B2B Commerce

Leverage selling with B2B

Set up your marketplace and explore the vast possibilities of B2B interactions

Are you tired of exploring B2B models that fail? Are you finding it overwhelming and complicated?

CRM.COM allows you to invite your partners and embark on a B2B journey. Enable your partners to offer their products or promotions to your customers, or vice versa, while adhering to privacy laws and GDPR regulations. Transaction margins can be applied for additional B2B revenue.

Partners can apply and fund real time offers to your customers while allowing customers to use their commerce wallet across the business community.

Monitor B2B commerce transactions in real time for ultimate performance measurement and trends identification.

B2B community marketplace

Create your own success story

CRM.COM is ideal for any proud brand. A small retailer with promotions for 100 customers or a multi-service telecom provider with complex billing for 2 million customers. A simple flat, termed subscription model or a triple play termed and usage model. An OTT video billing or FinTech wallets and promotions. A food subscriptions or IoT device monetisation.