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Centralised fleet billing and management solution for petrol retail networks. Retail renewable electricity and EV billing.

EV billing

A modern take of account management and billing for the energy sector

Advanced features for commercial customers. Set up accounts for commercial customers and authorise transactions at the stations based on product allowance, credit limit and usage limit. Introduce rewards for retail customers and enhance brand image and customer loyalty.

crm billing


Via modern, branded and consumer self service web portals and mobile apps

triple play billing


Unified fleet billing solution with multiple billing models and payment processing

ewallet promotions


Increase revenue and customer share of wallet with payments and promotions

ev billing


Big data driven promotions to increase loyalty and retail customer retention

Vehicle management,
driver authentication
and pump or charger release

CRM.COM provides value to the fleet operator and group owners with an easy to setup solution including:

  • Vehicle management
  • Usage billing on usage, wet and dry stock
  • Credit and consumption limits on company, group accounts and individual drivers
  • Usage authorizations via One Time Passwords (OTPs)
  • Authentication and pump or charger release via the mobile app with the touch of a button
fleet billing

Monitor performance and consumption of energy products

Monitor the performance of your outlet for the commercial business. Optionally, process manual transactions. Receive frequent automated self billing invoices and other relevant reports.    

fleet billing

Notifications and customer engagement

CRM.COM handles the communication and notification process whether this is used for financial, operational or marketing purposes where customers are notified either on an automated or ad-hoc basis such as:

  • Email sent to customers informing them about their bill amount
  • Email sent to customers to warn them about unpaid bills
  • In-app notification sent to customers to promote new products or services, new station openings or new offers
  • In-app notifications sent to customers on every purchase
  • SMS sent to driver to inform him about a rejected transaction
crm billing

B2B settlement

CRM.COM handles the settlement process between the energy brand and its customers. The process credits the stations for fleet / group purchases and also handles special discounts or contributions arranged with the brand. The settlement process creates a self-billing invoice for each station.

Are you launching a fleet management and billing solution for your petrol retail network or launching innovative rewards for your retail customers? Is there an interest in retail renewable electricity or EV billing?

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