Use Cases

CRM.COM is a multi-industry software and can meet the subscription and commerce wallet needs of any business, however complex.

Choose the solution that better suits your business needs

Digital Video

Ensure growth and operational efficiency with the most extensive subscription billing solution for digital video operators

billing software

Broadband & Triple Play

Handle complex triple play subscription management and billing… without the complexity


IoT billing tailored around the needs of the modern IoT world with usage charging and asset management

FinTech Subscriptions

Launch premium FinTech services and products on a subscription basis and unlock new revenue opportunities

Petrol Retail Network

Improve business customer portfolio with centralized fleet management and enhance purchasing activity in a risk-controlled manner

Retail / HORECA

Ready to go rewards with fully automated award and spend rules and complete eWallet functionality

Payment-linked Rewards

Truly collaboration-enabled rewards with easy merchant joining and funding of awards and spends while increasing bank card usage

EMI-grade eWallet

Manage your digital money business via a single, powerful, flexible and innovative platform that can be easily set up