FinTech Subscriptions

Launch premium services and products as FinTech subscriptions and unlock new revenue opportunities

fintech subscriptions

Anything as a service

CRM.COM allows fintech companies to launch premium services as fintech subscriptions on a XaaS model, bringing innovation and cutting-edge technology to customers. Meanwhile, open banking-based innovations by CRM.COM help make the customer onboarding process seamless.

Additionally, CRM.COM provides automated processes for not just the customer onboarding, but also subscribing to free trials and paid plans, selecting payment method of choice, billing and charging, upgrading and downgrading, notifications and more.

FinTech subscriptions, a perfect addition to a bank’s core services

Customers of today’s digital era will always seek for the best digital experience. Therefore, subscriptions help unlock new revenue opportunities with value added digital services while fighting competition in this ever growing industry.

Easily set up an amazing product catalog with flexible pricing and structure your fintech subscriptions by applying different usage allowances and service levels to meet the needs of even the most demanding digital customer.

fintech subscriptions

Subscriptions without the complexity

CRM.COM allows you to set up your fintech subscriptions in an easy to understand way in order for the customers to know what they are subscribing to and what benefit they will gain from it. In addition, subscription-based models provide predictable business revenue, as strategic planning is based on recurring payments. Moreover, payment providers are seamlessly integrated into CRM.COM supporting FinTechs with collecting recurring payments.

fintech subscriptions

Offer the right FinTech subscription at the right time with segmentation

Customer segmentation allows you to better understand the needs of your customers allowing you to offer the right products or services at the right time and to the right audience. Furthermore, CRM.COM provides numerous entities to segment on based on demographics, geographic location, buying behavior, product trends and more. Meet customer demand by personalizing your marketing efforts and retaining customers by turning customer data into actionable insights.

fintech subscriptions

Designed to be easily embedded into your fintech topology

CRM.COM allows you to streamline you business process automations and deliver services to customers at a higher speed and with maximum efficiency.

APIs are a highly valuable component for fintech businesses. Thus, CRM.COM’s API-led connectivity allows you to easily integrate applications and systems with APIs available for all processes. With the fast and easy integration that APIs enable, the orchestration layer allows a seamless connectivity between CRM.COM and bank systems.

More about the CRM.COM API here.

Are you planning to offer your FinTech services or premium products on a subscription basis?