EMI-grade Wallet

Manage your digital money business via a single, powerful, flexible and truly innovative EMI grade wallet which you can easily set up

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PSD2 compliant multi-currency EMI grade wallet

CRM.COM fully conforms to the EMI regulations as published by the European Central Bank and in accordance to PSD2.

At the same time, CRM.COM is a global specialist in transaction capturing and the eWallet-based solution for digital money is cost-effective and easy to implement. Additionally, CRM.COM provides the ability to use the solution as the primary platform for electronic money business. Also, it provides innovative and extensive features for online payments, purchases, settling utility bills, registering for automatic bill payments, paying for purchases done at physical locations and more.

emi wallet

eWallet designed for the financial industry

The CRM.COM EMI solution provides a complete eWallet functionality which supports a variety of transactions with multiple funding sources. The supported funding sources include bank accounts, SEPA, debit and credit cards, PayPal and other online payment systems.  In addition, CRM.COM supports multiple transaction types. Transaction types such as payments, refunds, transfers from wallets to accounts, transfers from wallets to wallets, transfers from accounts to wallets and fees based on transactions or wallet maintenance. Importantly, transactions are secured by One Time Passwords (OTPs). Plus, the EMI wallet can be highly configured and be fully aligned to the operator’s internal policies and Know Your Customer (KYC) rules.

emi wallet

Payments done in seconds

The shift towards more innovative methods of payments – digital money via eWallets is enormous. Therefore, with the CRM.COM EMI wallet solution you have the ability to use money as a method of payment across your own brand or extend it at other affiliate outlets. Give your customers that hassle free, time saving experience and enhance the image of your brand. No more slow moving queues, searching for wallets, looking among dozens of cards. All customers need to pay is a smartphone.

Moreover, for online purchases, there is no need for customers to enter card details all over again since CRM.COM stores and verifies them as a payment method on file (i.e., card on file).

emi wallet

Embedded banking features

Enhance your EMI wallet solution with multiple embedded banking features. CRM.COM provides the ability to hold funds in multiple currencies, create IBAN accounts and issue cards (virtual or physical).

emi wallet

Bundled with rewards

Bundle your EMI wallet solution with rewards and award your customers with cashback while increasing the utilization of the wallet and the mobile app. Additionally, provide your customers with more incentives in the form of cashback straight into their eWallets. Simply, customers earn cashback when they perform their purchases using the app.

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Are you launching a new eWallet-based digital money platform or want to replace your existing EMI wallet?