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Ensure growth and operational efficiency with the most extensive pay tv billing solution for digital video operators

Pay TV billing for
any type of digital video

CRM.COM helps you diversify your platforms and monetize content and devices in order to expand and retain your subscriber base. It also allows you to introduce and bill any type of service. From flat rate subscriptions to tiered rate services. In addition, it allows to perform pay tv billing for OTT, IPTV, DTH, DTT, Video On Demand (SVOD & TVOD) and PPV as well as device selling and rentals. The introduction and billing of in-app purchases is also supported. These alternative flows provide a great source of extra revenue and added value for your subscribers.

OTT Ready

CRM.COM continuously adds features specifically for the OTT industry following best practices. More specifically, CRM.COM is geared around OTT billing and allows you to:

Smoothly onboard your subscribers and capture rich contact details via the CRM.COM self service API

Easily develop an integration plug-in for your OTT platform using the CRM.COM provisioning integration APIs and the plug-in mechanism

Securely authenticate via Single Sign On (SSO) through CRM.COM and oAuth (OpenID Connect)

Provision through multiple providers

Manage and monetize devices

Easily launch SVOD and TVOD

Manage your offerings with a flexible product catalog

Respond to competitive pressure and easily manage your offerings with the CRM.COM flexible product catalog. CRM.COM is flexible in defining packages and pricing from simple flat rate models to more complex tiered rate models with promotions and free trials. Avoid product launch delays and pricing complications while managing products quickly and effectively across any line of your business. These can include OTT, IPTV, DTT, DTH, VOD, PPV etc.

Excellent bundling opportunities

CRM.COM is a fully packaged solution which provides sophisticated tools to manage your content portfolio and efficiently perform your pay tv billing.  Meanwhile, it allows you to effectively bundle and unbundle SVOD or channel assets to offer either as a package or on an a-la-carte basis.

Being integration-ready with global SVOD platforms like Netflix and Disney+ it allows easy subscription onboarding. The onboarding can be performed using an electronic ID (EID) flow as well as retrieving, accepting and declining charges posted for B2B charging.

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Satisfy your subscribers with card on file

Improve your payment collection process and receive payments faster while keeping subscriber payment information safe. Ready-made embedded payment gateways (JCC, Stripe and PayPal) allow one-off and recurring credit card payments in 100+ currencies.

Additionally, easily develop an integration plug-in for your own local payment gateways. This can be achieved by using the CRM.COM payment gateway integration APIs and the plug-in mechanism. More about the CRM.COM API here.

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Up-sell and cross-sell for additional revenue

Give your subscribers the flexibility to easily upgrade to more advanced offerings and allow them to combine their services with valuable add-ons. Offer them an enhanced viewing experience while you increase your recurring revenue. Easily performed through the CRM.COM UI or via a small set of API (/estimates).

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Real time segmentation and BI analysis

CRM.COM allows you to dig deeper into the streaming preferences of your audience and analyze subscriber behavior through the built-in BI tool. The tool enables you to offer the right packages, pricing and promos to the right customers throughout their subscriber lifecycle.

Assess subscriber value with evaluating specific products, the value of a product the frequency of interactions, the performance of marketing campaigns or promos and more.

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Are you launching a new digital video business or planning to replace your existing subscription management system?