Broadband & Triple Play

Handle complex triple play billing and subscription management without the complexity

broadband billing

Unparalleled billing capabilities

CRM.COM offers a modern, robust and highly efficient triple play billing and broadband billing solution with subscription management. CRM.COM allows easy service bundling, flexible flat or tiered pricing, execution of mission critical rating and billing, payment collection and customer care. Launch your triple play offering in weeks and not months or years with the CRM.COM SaaS cloud-based solution.

End-to-end billing for next gen video, data and voice

CRM.COM supports multiple telecom services including voice and data over IP and GSM / LTE, VoLTE, VoWifi, Radius-based broadband, VSAT and other emerging and next generation technologies. With the CRM.COM API, you can easily integrate to the service provisioning platform, or any other 3rd party platform and synchronize subscription, service and usage data in real time.

All the mission critical features are available to manage the logistics of routers, ticketing for delivery fulfilment, repairs, fully automated notifications for welcome messages, payment reminders, invoicing, automatically generated and distributed reports and more.

isp billing

End to end subscriptions and billing with ready made integrations for MVNO and triple play launches

CRM.COM partners up with many platform providers to provide a complete triple play solution ecosystem including cloud based OCS, real time CDR processing, Radius and Diameter support, integration to HLR and many more. 

View all integrations here.

Powerful ISP billing with Radiator and FreeRadius

CRM.COM integrates to Radiator and FreeRadius to provide an end-to-end subscription management and broadband billing solution. The solution is ideal for managing services like DSL, fibre, 3G/4G/5G for broadband, as well as VoLTE, VoWifi and VoIP. Service characteristics (i.e., rx-rates/ tx rate limits, call limits) can be configured within CRM.COM without having to access the platform backend. In addition, CRM.COM provisions customer services to allow monitoring of the quota/time consumption and control of  the service variables. E.g. the broadband speed and data consumption. Then, subscribers are informed of current usage level, payments or renewals with automated email or SMS notifications.

radius billing

Manage your offerings with a flexible product catalog

Respond to competitive pressure and easily manage your offerings with the CRM.COM flexible product catalog. CRM.COM is flexible in defining packages and pricing from simple flat rate models to more complex tiered rate models with promotions and free trials. Avoid product launch delays and pricing complications while managing products quickly and effectively across any line of your business.

Up-sell and cross-sell for additional revenue

Give your subscribers the flexibility to easily upgrade to more advanced offerings and allow them to combine their services with valuable add-ons for an enhanced telco experience while you increase your recurring revenue.

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Processes catered for the ISP and Triple Play operator

CRM.COM provides all the triple play billing and subscription management related processes for a modern product offering:

  • Definition of data and telephony package/service characteristics
  • Configurations of different service quota (e.g., free night quota)
  • Different quota consumption based on time (e.g., night traffic)
  • Quota management
  • Time usage balance
  • Subscriber disconnection based on consumed quota or due to period validity
  • Multiple payment methods (g., cash, credit cards, passes)
  • Walled garden and testing behavior if account is expired, has no quota, is frozen or is disabled
  • Ability to carry over quota, time or days
  • B2B support for reseller networks

Designed to be easily embedded into your telco topology

CRM.COM allows you to streamline your business process automations and deliver services to customers at a higher speed and with maximum efficiency. APIs are a highly valuable component for modern telcos. CRM.COM’s API-led connectivity allows you to easily integrate applications and systems with APIs available for all processes. With the fast and easy integration that APIs enable, the orchestration layer allows a seamless connectivity between CRM.COM and the rest of the telco topology.

Are you launching a new broadband telephony or triple play business or planning to replace your existing subscription management system?