Subscriptions for modern commerce: recurring, usage, loT and project billing

The CRM.COM subscription billing software delivers ready made processes to enhance and simplify your subscription business

billing software
billing software

Subscriptions for modern commerce: recurring, usage, loT and project billing

CRM.COM delivers ready made processes to enhance and simplify your subscription business

Business on auto pilot

Put your business on auto pilot with the versatility and flexibility of CRM.COM. In addition, set up a diverse product catalog, pricing and rating combinations under multiple billing models and automations.
Easily monetize your subscription business whether it is Media, Pay TV, Broadband, Triple Play, Banking or FinTech, IoT usage charging or fleet operations. Furthermore, CRM.COM supports subscriptions for recurring purchases of physical goods, such as food, coffee, FMCGs etc.

Any billing model

Pre-bill, post-bill, pay before you use, pre-purchase credit, subscription and payment-driven billing models. Bill annually, monthly, weekly, daily or based on usage with anniversary or period billing. A subscription billing software for any billing need.

Scalable subscription packages

Set up and modify scalable subscription packages and bundles. Coupled with flexible pricing, CRM.COM allows experiments with free trials, promos and discounts to build an excellent sales strategy.

A subscription billing software which simplifies your billing efforts

Set it all up effortlessly with extensive support for termed, one-time and usage based models. Thus, with the CRM.COM subscription billing software you can monetize any content, service or physical product and collect payments easily and on time.

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Integrate any payment gateway

CRM.COM supports multiple pre-embedded global payment gateways. Additionally, it provides the option to develop integration plug-ins to a local payment gateway via the CRM.COM Integration APIs.

Accept online payments easily and effectively while avoiding login to the vendor as well as avoiding high transaction fees.

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billing software

Bill to scale

Optimised payment flows

Enhance payment processes from multiple payment sources. More specifically, accept money easily with built-in payment gateways - Stripe, PayPal, JCC or via credit cards, direct debit, SEPA and more.

From local to global

Launch your subscription business in any country and accept payments from multiple currencies. Meanwhile, manage taxes hassle free as you enjoy revenue from your global audience.

From free to paid

Take leads as free trials and convert to paid subscriptions. Also, automate invoicing with recurring and one time fees, refunds and taxes while eliminating errors from manual work.

Failed payment prevention

Retain your subscriber base and reduce churn by applying automated retries on failed payments. Ensure you never miss a payment while in fact gaining control over your finances.

Maximize income with content and device monetization

Coupled with subscription billing, CRM.COM allows you to monetize digital content and devices with device tracking, usage tracking, app management and in-app purchases. More specifically, sell, manage, rent and charge usage for telecom devices (STBs, decoders, routers etc.) and loT devices (alarms, heating and cooling devices, machinery etc.).

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Expand your brand

B2B2C without the complexity

Work with your preferred business selling model: B2C, B2B or B2B2C. Apply termed service bundling across businesses (e.g. Netflix bundle or broadband hotspot) where your business provides services that can be delivered by or subscribed to and paid by another business with only a wallet ID.

Transform the customer experience

CRM.COM automates all your customer care needs. Smooth customer onboarding, rich customer data capture, ticket handling, customer notifications and reminders on due or failed payments. Importantly, build trust, enhance long-term relationships with subscribers and improve public image.

Enhance subscriber loyalty

Provide subscribers with personalised and targeted rewards through powerful segmentation. Allow subscribers to be awarded for their loyalty, the frequency of their purchases and the services they subscribe to with meaningful digital awards.

Subscriptions for groups

Manage your company members with assigned credit limit and usage limit for allowed products and services. Moreover, CRM.COM provides ready made templates for fleet billing, energy companies and multi-service subscriptions. As well as apps for consumption authorisation and portals for member and limit management.

Provisioning plug-ins

CRM.COM simplifies service provisioning by unifying service and content on connected devices. In addition, it supports pre-embedded provisioning adaptors for multiple systems and provides the option to develop integration plug-ins to service delivery platforms via the CRM.COM Integration APIs.

For physical good subscriptions you can easily integrate your POS system via a specially designed POS integration API set.

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Dive deep into data with the built-in BI

Use the CRM.COM embedded non-relational BI tools to analyze subscriber and billing data via graphical charts, reports and insights to allow for performance monitoring and support for better business decisions. Importantly, forecast your future revenue with MRR reports and plan your subscriber growth efficiently with a complete subscription billing solution.

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Create your own success story

CRM.COM is trusted by several powerful brands worldwide and each has its own success story. We can help you create your own success story.