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Subscription billing and enterprise class product catalogue

subscription billing
billing software

Subscriptions for modern commerce: recurring, usage, loT and project billing

CRM.COM delivers ready made processes to enhance and simplify your subscription business

Key Features

crm billing

Subscriber management and billing

crm billing


crm billing

service and

crm billing

post-bill or
payment-driven billing

crm billing

Termed, real
time or
usage billing

crm billing

Payment and provisioning plug ins

crm billing

and device

Subscription Commerce

Avoid product launch delays with powerful product catalogue and pricing

Respond to competitive pressure while easily managing your offerings with the CRM.COM product catalogue. An enterprise class product catalogue allowing you to easily set up even the most complex product offering whether it’s a termed service or a physical product.

Set up your product catalogue with simple flat rate models as well as more complex tiered rate models with promotions and free trials.

subscription billing

Leverage customer experience with online service ordering

Thrive in this hyper-accelerated online world  with online service ordering. From order to fulfil or order to subscribe with advanced checkout promotions to attract new subscribers and reduce churn.

Also, provide the ability for customers to pay for orders via multiple payment methods such as card on file or the CRM.COM wallet.

Retail Loyalty Programs | eWallet-based Cashback Promotions | eWallet rewards | Cashback rewards | cashback Loyalty | customer retention | Mobile Passes | Wallet Passes

Diverse subscription billing

Put your business on auto pilot with the power and flexibility of CRM.COM. 

Easily monetise your subscription business whether it is Media, OTT, Pay TV, ISP, Triple Play, Banking or FinTech, IoT usage charging, Energy or Fleet operations. In addition, launch subscriptions for repeat purchases of physical goods (e.g. food, coffee, FMCGs).

ewallet payments

Any billing model and frequency

Pre-bill, post-bill or payment-driven billing models. Bill annually, monthly, weekly, daily or based on usage with anniversary or period billing.

recurring revenue

Any subscription model

Termed, usage (real time or allowance-based charging), hybrid (termed and usage) or one-off charging.

Optimised payment flows

ewallet payments

Multiple payment sources

Enhance payment processes from multiple payment sources. More specifically, accept money easily with built-in payment gateways - Stripe, PayPal, JCC, Cardlink and support credit cards, direct debit, SEPA and more.

multi currency billing

Multi-country, Multi-currency

Launch your subscription business in any country and accept payments from multiple currencies. Meanwhile, manage taxes hassle free as you enjoy revenue from your global audience.

ewallet promotions

From free to paid

Take leads as free trials and convert into paid subscriptions. Automate invoicing with recurring and one time fees, refunds and taxes while eliminating errors from manual work.

ewallet payments

Failed payment prevention

Retain your subscriber base and reduce churn by applying automated retries on failed payments. Ensure you never miss a payment while in fact gaining control over your finances.

Integrate any payment gateway

CRM.COM supports multiple pre-embedded global payment gateways allowing one off and recurring credit card payments in 100+ currencies. Additionally, it provides the option to develop integration plug ins to local payment gateways via the CRM.COM Integration APIs.

View all pre-integrated payment gateways

stripe payments

Satisfy your subscribers with card on file

Improve your payment collection process and receive payments faster while keeping subscriber payment information safe.

Accept online payments easily and effectively and offer your customers 1-click checkout with a card on file flow.

billing payments

Maximize income with content and device monetisation

Coupled with subscription billing, CRM.COM allows you to monetise digital content and devices with device tracking, usage tracking, app management, in-app purchases and inventory management.

Sell, manage, rent and charge usage for any telecom device (e.g. STBs, decoders, routers etc.) and loT device (e.g. alarms, heating and cooling devices, machinery etc.).

OTT Billing | IPTV Billing | DTH Billing | DTT Billing | Pay TV Billing | VOD Billing | PPV Billing | Video Billing | Media Billing | IoT Billing

Enterprise-class provisioning layer

An enterprise class provisioning layer for multiple Triple Play (e.g. wifi, broadband, telephony, OTT video) and IoT platforms.

CRM.COM simplifies service provisioning by unifying service and content on connected devices. In addition, it supports pre-embedded provisioning adaptors for multiple systems and provides the option to develop integration plug-ins to service delivery platforms via the CRM.COM Integration APIs.

For physical good subscriptions you can easily integrate your POS system via a specially designed POS integration API set.

View all pre-integrated service delivery platforms

Dive deep into subscription billing data with the built-in BI

Use the CRM.COM embedded BI tools to analyse subscription billing data via graphical charts, reports and insights while allowing for performance monitoring and support for better business decisions.

Importantly, forecast your future revenue with MRR reports and plan your subscriber growth efficiently with a complete subscription billing solution.

billing analytics

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