Square POS-based eWallets & Promotions

An ideal solution for micro and small businesses in the retail and HORECA industry in the UK, pre-integrated with Square POS.

Personalised promotions
and innovative eWallets

CRM.COM designed and implemented its Identity Management and eWallet & Promotions products specifically for the UK Market.

The key features of the solution include:

Integration with Square POS

Seamless integration with Square POS by retrieving all the purchasing transactions

Business network support

Franchisees and physical stores support through the CRM.COM Business Network

Easy customer onboarding

Flexible onboarding via CRM.COM's landing pages, mobile passes or branded apps

Plethora of reward offers

Businesses launch multiple reward offers through the CRM.COM Rewards

A go-to solution for the UK

CRM.COM is integrated to the Square POS, one of the largest and most trusted POS systems in the UK retail & HORECA market, to allow businesses to increase customer retention by offering their customers sophisticated cashback-based rewards.

The CRM.COM SaaS solution eliminates high project costs and implementation complexities and help businesses improve their operational efficiency and customer loyalty.  

Auto-payout rewards

Customers register for rewards and are automatically assigned an eWallet.

Eligible purchases credit the eWallet with cashback awards.

The collected cashback is being auto-redeemed with an auto-payout in the CRM.COM eWallet’s open balance and then a payout to the customer’s bank account via OpenAPI.

bank rewards

Core benefits

Increase customer retention and market footprint with the right eWallet-based rewards at the right time to the right people.

Amazing customer experience

Easy onboarding, seamless customer identification at the POS, branded apps, landing pages or mobile passes

Low cost

SaaS platform, pay-per-customer model for low up-front investment and costs scaling modestly as your revenue grows

Fast time

Flexible platform configuration ready to deploy, easy to use, fast to update. No hardware investment required

Cutting-edge technology

CRM.COM boasts a modern cloud native architecture with an event-based micro-services model and next generation API

Are you looking to increase your market footprint with a beautifully packaged rewards solution pre-integrated to Square POS?