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CRM.COM’s cloud native architecture empowers innovation with product tech excellence

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Cloud native
architecture and

CRM.COM boasts a modern cloud native architecture with an event-based micro-services model that offers scalability at a low TCO. The CRM.COM Cloud is truly enterprise class ensuring maximum availability in a highly secure and performant environment that can scale.

CRM.COM is designed, developed and tested with world class security standards. Thus, it is continuously tested against the OWASP recommendations with manual and automated testing such as the Acunetix Web Scanner.

CRM.COM encrypts all sensitive data including passwords, card numbers, PIN numbers and voucher secret codes. Equally important, CRM.COM is GDPR and PCI compliant.

CRM.COM Cloud by IBM CRM.COM Security as per OWASP recommendationsCRM.COM uses Acunetix Web Scanner

TM Forum Compliant & Certified

CRM.COM is a member of TM Forum and closely follows market trends, applying best practices and regulatory compliance, giving you peace of mind.

CRM.COM has achieved Open API Conformance certification by TM Forum, verifying the successful implementation of Open APIs in commercial products and real-world deployments.

This certification underscores CRM.COM’s commitment to industry standards, showcasing a dedication to excellence.

Certified API: TMF629 – Customer Management api

New generation API
and extensibility

CRM.COM’s new generation RESTful API is compliant to the OpenAPI specifications and is targeted at both system to system integrations and self-service devices. Particularly, CRM.COM is designed as API first where processes are designed and built first for API usage.

The customization platform can be used to extend and customize the user interface (UI), create custom analytics and ETL enhancements, create custom APIs and extend the business functionality. Significantly, plug-ins can be easily developed by external partners using our specially designed integration APIs that require no knowledge of the CRM.COM development environment. 

CRM.COM API Documentation

CRM.COM Documentation

Designed for

A specially designed self-service API allows registered users to self-serve with their authentication token, allowing mobile app and web portal developers to avoid complex middleware and authentication layers. In fact, CRM.COM comes with standard mobile apps, web portals and mobile passes.

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