Broadband Triple Play Billing CRM.COM

Product Overview

Next generation subscription billing and real time rewards

The world’s most powerful and feature rich billing and rewards solution

CRM.COM is a feature-rich, enterprise class and modern subscription billing and real time rewards solution. Our software enables you to bill from a few thousands to millions of subscribers; and retailers and service providers to reward their customers in real time on product level

CRM.COM pivots around 3 main models:

recurring billing software CRM.COM

Introduce recurring subscription billing, however complex, across any billing and payment model. Enjoy increased revenue based on period, usage, event and real time billing

Cashback rewards loyalty software CRM.COM

Introduce rewards to segment and target your customers with personalized product based conditional cashback awards in their eWallets

crm billing rewards CRM.COM

Work closely with your partners and cooperate with them to bill and reward your customers, in a flexible partner topology

Your complex business needs met in a simple way

CRM.COM recurring billing revenue software
Subscription billing

Improve the toughest and most demanding subscription based models with powerful recurring billing

CRM.COM rewards loyalty cashback software
Real time rewards

Delight your loyal customers with personalized conditional cashback awards in their eWallet

Powerful Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) component of CRM.COM allows users to explore and ask questions on complex revenue, product, sales and marketing data and gain new insights into subscribers and customer behavior.

The CRM.COM BI provides a data driven process with an intuitive user interface where users can easily develop advanced graphical charts and powerful customer segments.

CRM analytics BI software CRM.COM
cloud billing rewards software CRM.COM

Choose the right deployment model

CRM.COM is easily deployable, either as an on premise or on demand (cloud) model. Choose the deployment method that better suits your budget and needs.

Powerful and efficient technology architecture

CRM.COM is designed to deliver high performance, scalability and maximum security. CRM.COM is purely developed in Java that provides the benefit of code portability and thus can be deployed on any operating system or client device. For data persistence, CRM.COM uses the Hibernate Object/Relational Mapping (ORM) framework that provides superior performance and delivers a highly scalable and portable architecture.

CRM.COM is fully customizable and can be easily integrated to 3rd party systems using the 350+ RESTful APIs which are implemented using the JSON notation that can be used in any programming or scripting language. CRM.COM provides an SDK that can be used to extend and customize the user interface, create custom analytics, ETL scripts and custom APIs, as well as extend the business functionality.

recurring billing revenue cashback rewards loyalty software CRM.COM

Get the most out of the CRM.COM API

CRM.COM’s Service Oriented Architecture provides more than 350 RESTful Web API methods that can be used to easily integrate with other 3rd party systems. The CRM.COM Web API allows third party systems (content providers, broadband and telephone platforms, OTT platforms, payment gateways, POS systems, mobile apps, web portals and more) to integrate with CRM.COM by performing all the business processes provided by CRM.COM as well as accessing important business rules that are defined within CRM.COM.

CRM.COM provides a fully documented API with ready made integration models and integration guides available on request.