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New Generation Rewards by CRM.COM

CRM.CO Rewards

The advanced digital world we live in, requires a new generation reward model. Gone are the times of point-based systems, customers collecting stamps or asking for their loyalty voucher.

Customers are super demanding when it comes to ease of you. Merchants in coalition schemes need value or the scheme  fails.  And value can only be created with SKU-based offers and awards that leverage place, time and product conditions.

CRM.COM believes the future lies in the merging of payment systems and SKU-based rewards, all frictionless. Customer is identified by their payment method (such as credit card) and cashback awards are offered on SKU-based offers. Spend is done via refunding the same credit card that was used for identification. All frictionless and all cashback-based. New generation rewards is coming fast.

More information here and here.

Andros Papageorgiou


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