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MPLE Rewards by Hellenic Bank runs on CRM.COM

mple hellenic bank

Mple, the new Hellenic Bank rewards scheme which has been recently launched in Cyprus runs on CRM.COM. Mple allows the Hellenic Bank cardholders to enjoy cashback straight into their Mple Rewards eWallet simply by using their bank cards at participating merchants. In addition to the universal offer, merchants set up their own merchant-specific offers with additional cashback that can be spend only at their premises. Cardholders can spend their earned cashback automatically by defining their spending preferences via the Mple mobile app or web portal and money is refunded in their bank card. Beautiful and frictionless.


The Hellenic Bank MPLE Rewards logo

A growing number of merchants participate to Mple and the number is growing. The merchant categories include supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, electronic stores, retail stores, DIY and more.


The ad for the Hellenic Bank MPLE Rewards [GR].

Cardholders benefit from various offers across a large merchant group with real value; monetary cashback is refunded back into their bank card. Mple is a truly modern, innovative and fully digital cashback rewards solution. It works seamlessly while eliminating the possibility of human error as no cashier interaction is required.



A video guide [ENG] on how to install and use the MPLE Rewards mobile app

Download the Hellenic Bank MPLE Rewards App:
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