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Merchant-driven eWallets

eWallets are not only for banks and EMIs. Fintech is coming for merchants and the brands where launching an eWallet for their customer base offers huge benefits and advantages.

Their customers can easily top-up their eWallet using a 3DS compliant flow to save their card on file. Subsequent top-ups can be automated (termed, on purchase), added an extra amount by the merchant and used for purchases at the merchant outlets and their partner network, optionally with discounts or rewards. If purchases are kept in such a closed loop then no EMI license is required.

CRM.COM provides a cloud native infrastructure where merchants, businesses and brands can launch an eWallet in days. We have successfully launched wallets at customers in many geographies such as EKO (Cyprus), AVG (Vietnam), Beximco (Bagladesh) with substantial revenue increases.

Welcome to the world of convergence of finance and commerce.

Andros Papageorgiou


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