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Manage your IoT business via a single, powerful, flexible and truly innovative platform that can be easily set up

iot billing

Tailored to the needs of the IoT world

This new connected world provides many opportunities to generate revenue from devices, services, platforms, network platforms.

IoT billing by CRM.COM is ideal for DaaS (Device as a Service), security and IoT with multiple recurring revenue business models such as termed services, event-based services, usage-based services, hardware for rent or sale, ongoing support services or one-off charges.

Full control
over your
product catalogue

iot billing


Easy and secure customer-driven self-onboarding via branded web portals and mobile apps.

Bundling and

Easily launch sophisticated bundles via a clever product catalogue and apply flexible pricing and promotions.

billing software

and billing

Offer bundles in flat, tiered, usage, per device volume rates or special rates for special customer segments.


Register, activate, pause, reactivate, cancel, upgrade, rest, extend and contract-bind subscriptions.

and usage

Credit limits, usage restrictions and usage authentications secured with OTPs.

and payments

Provision services and bill usage while collecting payments from multiple payment methods automatically.

Efficient DaaS
and asset management

Effectively manage your IoT assets by setting up various rules to control them including:

  • maximum number of registered devices
  • maximum number of concurrent logged in devices
  • device authentication
  • usage of each device
  • monetization of devices in terms of selling or renting a device
  • charging for device usage
  • charging in-app purchases
  • manage and bill any physical product ranging from routers, set-top-boxes (STBs), PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, security cameras, sensors, machines or even vehicles.
iot billing

Full inventory functionality

Manage your inventory where all your stockable physical goods are stored. Physical goods can be either traceable (i.e., a serial number is available) or non-traceable.

Such goods can be sold or rented to customers while CRM.COM monitors and adjusts the stock balance and goods ownership.

iot billing

Big Tech. Big Data. Big opportunities.

Operational excellence demands access to big data and CRM.COM does exactly that. CRM.COM allows real time access to data for processing and taking instant decisions.

The embedded analytics tools enable IoT operators to manage data via multiple dashboards, graphical insights, segmentations and configurable reports.

Enhance subscriber experience, improve operational efficiency and unlock additional revenue opportunities with tailored products for your target market.

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Are you launching an IoT business?

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