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Company, in partnership with Vumatel and MTN, delivers fibre and LTE services to the people of South Africa.



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Products Used

  • Identity Management
  • Subscriptions & Commerce


  • Echo LTE Provider
  • Vumatel Fiber Provider
  • RICA LTE SIM Registration
  • RAM Courier Service
  • Paygate Payment Gateway
  • 1 Voucher Payment Gateway
  • Globalscapes FTP Integration / SIM Management
  • Clickatell SMS Gateway


The quality, availability and cost of internet in South Africa varies across different regions in the country. More specifically, the internet access in rural and remote areas of South Africa is often limited, unreliable and totally unattainable for lower-income households.

In a bid to foster inclusivity and provide internet access to those who have been deprived of it, has joined forces with Vumatel and MTN to introduce fiber-optic and LTE solutions to the South African population.


CRM.COM designed and implemented a powerful subscription management and billing solution for, significantly reducing operational costs.


Aggregate LTE and fibre services from MTN and Vumatel respectively


Manage routers and SIM cards


Set up new or renew monthly service offerings via the product catalogue


Bill subscribers on a prebill basis with automated account deactivations and reactivations


Offer usage allowance topups with ability to transfer unused allowance to the following month


Real time service provisioning to activate and deactivate services


Customer notifications (e.g. communicate WiFi credentials to Fiber subscribers)


Subscriber access to the branded web portal provided by CRM.COM for onboarding and subscriber management


CRM.COM’s remarkable feature-rich and powerful software allowed to increase its subscriber volumes to tens of thousands within the first year since launch.

This was achieved by fully automating the onboarding process, billing and payment collection, subscription and device management with minimal back office resources required.

Powering connections

Structure your packages regardless of complexity

Onboard subscribers via branded apps and portals

Bill subscribers and collect payments efficiently

Enjoy scalable business and increased revenue

Why every ISP needs the robust CRM.COM subscriber management and billing solution

Automation of multiple manual processes such as customer onboarding, subscription management, device management, recurring billing, invoice generation and service provisioning. This allows streamlined operations and reduces the risk of errors, leading to increased efficiency.

Enterprise billing for new generation, telecom-grade services. A robust billing solution calculates charges based on termed services, usage-based services or one-off fees, reducing disputes, human errors and fraud and improves the overall customer satisfaction while protecting both the subscribers and the ISP's revenue.

Flexibility in setting up tiered data plans, speed-based plans, upgrades, downgrades, suspensions, top-ups and more. These cater to diverse customer needs and enable ISPs to collect valuable subscriber data to identify trends and offer tailored services to meet customer needs.