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eWallets for digital promotions, customer retention, churn reduction and enhanced digital payments

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billing software

Commerce wallet for digital money and rewards

EMI-grade eWallet for brand rewards and FinTech including digital offers, commerce pools and gift passes

Key Features

crm billing

Wallet with
multiple micro-

crm billing


crm billing

Modern topup
and payout

crm billing

Global and

crm billing

pool rewards

crm billing

Gift and
topup passes
the wallet

crm billing

via mobile

Targeted Value

CRM.COM wallet combining payments and commerce in a single, highly innovative eWallet like no other

The CRM.COM wallet is highly scalable with a light authentication layer, high performance and security and comes with three pockets (micro-wallets):

ewallet promotions

Cash Pocket

comes with a global open balance for WaaS with topup, payout and CRM.COM being the payment operator

ewallet promotions


comes with an open balance to spend at the business or select businesses

ewallet promotions

Commerce Pocket

comes with a commerce balance to spend as denoted by the commerce pools

Modern A2A wallet

CRM.COM’s modern Account-to-Account (A2A) wallet facilitates a wide range of payment scenarios, including B2C, B2B and C2C transactions.

It ensures Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) compliant spending at POS systems and payment terminals, offering enhanced security and convenience for customers.

New generation payment rails and gateways

The CRM.COM wallet supports new generation payment rails with multiple traditional and modern topup and payout gateways including:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • PSD2 A2A
  • UK FPI A2A
  • PayPal
  • Revolut Payout
  • many more

CRM.COM offers extensive support of global and local payment gateways as well as the ability to plug in your own local gateways.

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CRM.COM Wallet meets digital offers

Reward promotion offers provide instant or accumulated commerce balance based on historic or real time purchases.

Award your customers
based on:

Reduce cost by awarding
commerce pools on:

Targeted value with wallet-based commerce pocket spend

Commerce pools are associated with the Business Commerce Pocket and define a set of conditions such as time, location, products and validity restrictions associated with the cashback amount in the customer’s respective pocket.

These restrictions dictate the conditions that must be met for the money to be spent (e.g. “Spend the money on any HOMESPOT 5G plan” or “Spend the money between Monday and Thursday, between the hours 12:00-14:00 on any main dish at MyFinerDiner”.

POS-driven or
payout-driven spends

POS-driven and Payout-driven cashback promotions with OpenAPI integration and PSD2 compliant EMI-grade eWallet.

ewallet promotions


Spends can be front-end and POS-driven where cashback is deducted from the CRM.COM wallet and provided as a discount at the POS or checkout.

ewallet promotions


Spends can be back-end and Payout-driven where a refund is provided to a designated payment method.

eGift and Topup passes crediting the CRM.COM wallet

Convenient payments via:

  • Gift passes: Allow your customers to send electronic gift passes (eGift cards) to friends and family. Physical gift passes supported
  • Topup passes: Enjoy increased revenue with topup passes which your customers buy from retailers and credit their CRM.COM wallet to spend on specific or any product

Leverage your Google and Apple wallets with mobile passes

Have your customers upload your company-branded mobile pass in their Google or Apple wallet and engage fully with your promotions and subscription offers. More importantly, no app downloads are required.

Convenient payments via mobile passes using the CRM.COM wallet.

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