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eWallets for digital promotions, customer retention. churn reduction and enhanced digital payments

billing software

Commerce wallet for digital money and rewards

EMI-grade eWallet for brand rewards and FinTech including digital offers, commerce pools and gift passes


Promotions targeting customer segments


Open and commerce
wallet balance


Commerce pool rewards and rich offers


Frictionless promotions: payout to card on file


Convenient payments via mobile passes

Promotions out of the box

Open and
commerce balance

The CRM.COM wallet maintains the customer's open and commerce pool balance and optionally a global balance that can be spent anywhere. CRM.COM combines payments and commerce in a single, highly innovative eWallet like no other.

Customer loyalty on
auto pilot

eWallets, awards, publishing offers, notifications and analysing big data and reward patterns. All real time and highly orchestrated for lights out oprtaion.

Meaningful commerce
pool cashback

Set up offers based on conditions and drive spends where margins are higher or the cost is lower with commerce pools. Commerce pool rewards straight into the CRM wallet.

Checkout spend or Payout based models

Spends can be front-end where cashback is deducted from the CRM wallet and provided as a discount at the POS or checkout. Or back-end where refund is provided to a designated payment method - card, CRM wallet, PayPal or Revolut.

Truly visionary
cashback promotions

Real time commerce pool (they have a commerce condition such as where to spend or on what product) rewards at product level and easy to set up offers. Complete with multiple offer types, a modern CRM wallet, segmentation, BI, branded mobile apps and web portals which are easy to set up. 

CRM.COM promotions are ideal for triple play, retail & HORECA, FinTech, payment driven rewards projects and EMI operators.

Highly scalable

Highly scalable with a light authentication layer, high performance and security. CRM.COM supports small retailers who want to offer cashback to their clientele but also big brands and large banks who want to introduce truly innovative fintech wallets and cashback rewards.

Multi-tenant and
collaborative wallet

Your customers enjoy an open balance that can be spent when purchasing from your business and a commerce balance that has your digital offers applied during purchasing. The highly collaborative wallet allows for B2B collaborations.


Frictionless flows with demand driven aggregation. Brands have the ability to partner up with other brands for value added services and the earned awards are auto-redeemed as an open balance in the CRM wallet.

Frictionless promotions with backend spends

POS-driven and payment-driven cashback rewards with OpenAPI integration and PSD2 compliant EMI grade eWallet. Identify and award your customers through the standard payment flow for a frictionless customer experience.

CRM.COM’s frictionless flows allow for backend spends, where cashback is auto-redeemed back into the wallet with no further human interaction.

bank rewards

Wallet meets digital offers

Award your customers
based on:

Reduce cost by awarding
on commerce pools:

Convenient payments via passes

Convenient payments via top-up and gift passes. Enjoy increased revenue with top-up passes which your customers buy from retailers and credit their CRM wallet for specific or all products; or gift passes (gift cards) that they send to friends and family.

Leverage your Google and Apple wallet

Have your customers upload your company-branded pass in their Google and Apple wallet and engage fully with your promotions and subscription offers. More importantly, no app downloads are required.

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