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Eurobank Customer Success - CRM.COM Case Study



Eurobank is one of the major banks in Greece and has an established presence not only in Greece but also in Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, UK and Luxembourg.

Eurobank provides a wide array of banking and financial products and services such as retail, corporate and investment banking, as well as asset management through its 300+ branches all over Greece.



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Products Used

  • Identity Management
  • eWallets & Promotions


“This innovative cashback loyalty scheme by CRM.COM allowed us to grow our cardholder base which subsequently increased cards spending at our partners’ premises while at the same time delivering tangible rewards at the point of sale. Additionally, through the functionalities offered, the loyalty scheme enabled us to make the right proposition each time to our customers and boost spending at partner companies via promotional activities. Furthermore, it allowed us to expand our merchant business and enhance our relationships with our business partners who benefit from increased sales and a loyal customer base.”

Margarita Rosmari
Head of Loyalty & Added Value Services – Eurobank EFG


Fierce competition in the Greek banking sector fueled by a growing number of financial institutions offering a wide range of attractive products and services, posed a serious customer acquisition and retention problem for Eurobank. The bank felt that they were no longer as efficient at increasing and retaining their share of customers’ wallets as in the past.


CRM.COM designed and implemented a modern cashback-based solution to achieve the following:

  • Retain existing cardholders
  • Increase the number of new cardholders
  • Increase the bank’s share of customers’ wallets
  • Develop relationships with business partners / merchants
  • Become the most people-centric bank in Greece


The solution called €pistrofi allows Eurobank to sign up merchants to participate and fund the loyalty scheme


Cardholders are automatically onboarded on the €pistrofi loyalty scheme


Cardholders are awarded a cashback % for their purchases at participating merchants real time at the POS


Spends of the awarded cashback are performed either partially or fully on subsequent purchases


An automated reconciliation process produces a statement of account for each merchant, detailing all transactions


Cardholders can view their cashback balance by logging into the €pistrofi front end channels which are integrated to CRM.COM


Integration with the bank's backoffice systems and processes to record all loyalty transactions


Innovative co-branded scheme in partnership with the largest department store in Greece, Attica, to offer a co-branded Reward card


Sophisticated real time analytics for Eurobank and participating merchants to monitor scheme and offer effectiveness


Today, Eurobank uses CRM.COM to manage a cashback-based loyalty scheme with 6+ million cards, 20+ million award transactions per year and 8,500+ participating merchants. All this without having to employ expensive IT resources or multiple different software.

Unlike traditional bank-funded loyalty schemes that typically offer low cash returns, Eurobank has the ability to offer much higher cashback, often double digit, as merchants drive more and more traffic to their outlets.

Since the implementation, Eurobank has seen an increase in cardholder spending and new customer acquisition. Thus, Eurobank was able to save on the investment required to operate a traditional, card issuer-funded loyalty scheme by passing the cost of rewarding cardholders to the merchants.

Banking Bliss!

Onboard multiple merchants to join the scheme and fund the offers

Auto-enroll your cardholders into the loyalty scheme

Customers get awarded by using their bank cards at participating merchants

Customers spend their cashback on subsequent purchases or via payout

BI-driven analytics to monitor the loyalty scheme

Why your bank needs a loyalty program by CRM.COM
that makes every transaction rewarding

Cashback incentives attract new customers to the bank and encourage existing ones to stay. The promise of getting money back on transactions makes customers more loyal and less likely to switch to a competitor bank

Cashback rewards encourage cardholders to use their bank's credit or debit cards more frequently for everyday purchases, leading to increased transaction volume, card usage and revenue for the bank

Cashback programs provide banks with valuable transaction data that can be used to understand customer spending patterns. This data enables personalised marketing and product recommendations, enhancing the overall customer experience and strengthening customer relationships