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EKO Customer Success | CRM.COM Case Study


EKO Cyprus

EKO Cyprus Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of HELLENiQ ENERGY and was established through the acquisition of BP Cyprus Ltd in 2002.

The company is active in the supply, transportation and marketing of liquid fuels, lubricants and LPG to commercial and industrial customers. 

Today, the company has a leading position in the Cyprus market with a network of 98 service stations under the EKO trademark. 



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Products Used

  • Identity Management
  • eWallets & Promotions
  • Subscriptions & Commerce


The initial challenge for EKO was to migrate from the NCR Octane station management system and introduce a single software centrally that would provide fleet management and billing.

In addition, EKO had to remain competitive in the fuel retail industry and therefore an innovative loyalty solution was crucial to incentivise repeat fuel and in-store purchases.


CRM.COM designed and implemented a fleet billing and station management solution with real time integration to petrol stations to support approximately 10 million transactions per year. 

Powerful customer targeting and segmentation allows EKO to target specific segments in the Cyprus market (e.g. taxi drivers) and offer special offers and pricings based on consumption or achieved thresholds. 

The loyalty solution implemented for EKO is under the brand name EKO Smile and is an ultra modern and fully innovative mobile application which allows EKO customers to locate their nearest EKO station, release the fuel pump without exiting their vehicles, perform contactless payments while being awarded with Smiles redeemable via a gift catalogue, play games (e.g. scratch cards) or enter draws with expensive gifts.


Powerful targeting of specific segments in the Cyprus market (e.g. taxi drivers)


Fleet companies registered and assigned credit limit and usage limit


Special pricing and discounts for segments based on consumption or achieved thresholds


Station managers can monitor the performance of their outlets via the station portal


Fuel pump authorisation and allowance check for drivers of the fleet business


A billing invoice is generated for each station


Branded eWallet-based mobile app "EKO Smile" with innovative payment features


Retail customers register for rewards and earn smiles on eligible transactions to redeem from gift catalogue


Release fuel pump and pay contactless without exiting the vehicle via the EKO Smile app


Enhanced customer engagement with the incorporation of in-app games (e.g. scratch cards)


Fostering a sense of purpose, customers have the option to donate money to select charity organisations from within the app


Exciting draws with expensive gifts (e.g. luxury cars) for EKO Smile users with a high popularity


Today, EKO manages its fleet and station network centrally under a single platform which resulted in increased customer revenue and widening of its market leading position.

The downloads and customer engagement of the EKO Smile app highlight the program’s rapid success and popularity and the customer eagerness to embrace contactless transactions, especially during the pandemic but not limited to. In 2020, EKO Cyprus has been honored with the Innovation Award at the OEB Innovation Awards and a total of 7 awards at the Cyprus Mobile Excellence Awards for the EKO Smile mobile app.

Fueling success in the energy industry

Onboard fleet companies and assign credits limits and product allowance

Authorise transactions at the stations based on company limits and allowance

Release pump or EV charger easily through the app secured with OTPs

Introduce rewards for retail customers with BI-driven promotions

Increase revenue and customer share of wallet with innovative payments

How petrol station networks can increase efficiency, profitability and customer loyalty with CRM.COM

Enable efficient monitoring, tracking and billing of fuel consumption for corporate and commercial customers with fleets of vehicles. Automate data collection, fuel dispensing, and invoicing processes, reducing errors and administrative overhead.

Foster customer loyalty and remain competitive in the fuel industry. By offering rewards, discounts or exclusive perks to loyal customers, petrol stations incentivize drivers to choose their station over competitors resulting in repeat visits.

Gather valuable data on consumer behavior enabling petrol stations to tailor their offerings, marketing and operational strategies more effectively, ultimately enhancing the customer experience and business profitability.