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Community commerce: A powerful strategy for customer acquisition

B2B | Product Aggregation | Community Commerce by CRM.COM

I am sure many entrepreneurs and CEOs will resonate when I mention that customer acquisition in today’s digital world is no child’s play.

Sure, direct marketing works but is becoming more and more expensive with a 60% cost increase the last 3 years. Digital services (such as an OTT, SVOD) have a customer acquisition cost (CAC) ranging from $29 to $50 against a per subscriber ARPU of typically $10.

Customer acquisition with community commerce and aggregation is a far more efficient method for customer acquisition. Imagine a peer to peer B2B2C business model, where peer businesses join up to aggregate services and promotions to their customers. A business model that CRM.COM refers to as Community Commerce.

CRM.COM invested heavily over the last few years in Community Commerce and we have unique features to enable a business create a community of peer businesses that aggregate its products, services and promotions. We achieve this with a unique platform that routes purchase events among peers whilst preserving customer ownership and data protection acts.

An example of this model would be an OTT SVOD Operator aggregating its services and promotions to the customer base of a telecom provider. Or an MVNO aggregating its service with a large retailer.

Talk to us about scaling your business with Community Commerce.

Andros Papageorgiou


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