Commerce wallet for digital money and rewards

EMI-grade eWallet for brand rewards and FinTech including digital offers, commerce pools and gift passes

Commerce wallet for digital money and rewards

EMI-grade eWallet for brand rewards and FinTech including digital offers, commerce pools and gift passes

Truly visionary
wallet-based rewards

Real time conditional monetary awards on SKU level and easy to set up offers. Complete with multiple offer types, a modern CRM wallet, segmentation, BI, branded mobile apps and web portals which are easy to set up. POS integration and everything you need to be up and running in days.

Ideal for triple play rewards, merchant rewards, payment driven rewards and EMI projects.

Highly scalable wallet

The CRM wallet is designed to scale from a few thousand to millions of reward participants with a light authentication layer, high performance and security. CRM.COM supports from small retailers who want to offer cashback to their clientele to big brands and large banks who want to introduce truly innovative rewards.

Multi-tenant and collaborative wallet

Your customers enjoy an open balance that can be spent when purchasing from your business and a commerce balance that has your digital offers applied during purchasing. Optionally, you can opt in for B2B collaboration where open and commerce balances from other businesses can be spent at your business.

Frictionless rewards geared for what's next

POS-driven and payment-driven rewards with OpenAPI integration and PSD2 compliant EMI grade eWallet. Identify and award your customers through the standard payment flow for a frictionless customer experience.

Rewards made easy

Onboarding process
made easy

Simple onboarding via branded apps and portals. Easily capture rich customer data while complying to data protection policies. Grow your partner community with flexible partner onboarding.

Customer loyalty on
auto pilot

From onboarding, managing eWallets, awards and communicating offers to receiving automated notifications and analysing big data and reward patterns.

Meaningful awards based
on conditions

Set up offers based on conditions and drive spends where margins are higher or the cost is lower with commerce pools. Conditional monetary awards straight into the CRM wallet.

Front-end or back-end

Spend can be front-end where cashback is deducted from the CRM wallet and provided as a discount at the POS. Or back-end where refund is provided to a designated payment method - card, CRM wallet, PayPal or Revolut.

Payment driven, POS
based or self-scan
QR code identification

CRM.COM is pre-integrated with leading POS, e-commerce systems and card terminals, with the purchase basket sent to CRM.COM. Choose from frictionless payment driven customer identification to self-scan QR code via the customer app.

Wallet meets digital offers

Award your customers
based on:

Reduce cost by awarding
on Commerce Pools

Convert casual visitors
to lifelong customers

Customer engagement

Easily engage with your customers via in-app notifications, email or SMS for marketing, financial or operational purposes. Don't let customers miss any of your exciting offers or new products and keep them up to date with their CRM wallet balance or award expirations.

Customer feedback

Track customer feedback about their experience with your brand from within the mobile app. Analyse results to monitor the holistic perception of buying behavior and interaction with your brand and understand where there is room for improvement.

Customer segments

Exploit the value of your customers by meeting their specific needs through powerful segmentation. Segment customers based on demographics, products of interest or other buying patterns and set up sophisticated digital offers that apply specifically to them.

Customer data

Analyse rewards data and purchase patterns via big data analytics. CRM.COM offers analytics via graphical charts, reports and insights to allow for performance monitoring and support for better business decisions or new opportunities for extra profit.

Leverage customer experience with online orders

Thrive in this hyper-accelerated online world and couple rewards with online ordering via CRM.COM. Accept orders while you award customers and drive orders to your platform rather than to costly 3rd party ordering platforms. Ability to pay for orders via a subscription, card on file, cash or the CRM wallet.

Convenient payments via passes

Convenient payments via top-up and gift passes. Enjoy increased revenue with top-up passes which your customers buy from retailers and credit their CRM wallet for specific or all products; or gift passes that they send to their friends and family.

Leverage your Google and Apple wallet

Have your customers upload your company-branded pass in their Google and Apple wallet and engage fully with your reward and subscription offers. No app downloads are required.

Advanced rewards

Personalised offers

Create multiple personas (frequent buyers, families, lifelong subscribers, coffee lovers etc.) using the advanced purchase-driven segmentation and target them with different offers that gives them increased value.

Commerce pool Community

Businesses can share digital offers where they subscribe to a published commerce pool (afternoon coffee) of another business and their customers can purchase using their commerce balance. This allows the brand to offer value at a reduced cost.

Closed loop schemes

Businesses can differentiate their offers within a specific scheme where there is a gated joining (i.e., a scheme only for the employees of a certain business or the local university students).

Create your own success story

CRM.COM is trusted by several powerful brands worldwide and each has its own success story. We can help you create your own success story.