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Banking & FinTech

Structure your products into a subscription product catalogue with clear upgrade paths and pricing tiers that all your customers can understand.

Launch a collaboration-enabled payment-linked promotion scheme allowing your merchants to provide real time special offers to your customer base.

fintech loyalty

Multi-merchant promotions for cardholders

Introduce sophisticated payment-linked promotions to your cardholders which are fully merchant funded.

Award cardholders based on their purchases at participating merchants and the usage of their payment/bank cards. Allow cardholders to collect cashback in their eWallets which are auto-spent, i.e., credited back into their account.

retail loyalty programs

Flexible spends without card terminal changes

CRM.COM continuously innovates in the area of frictionless promotions to attain FinTech loyalty. Bank promotions are no exception.

CRM.COM automatically matches customer purchases to the available commerce pool. The awards are redeemed automatically to an open balance in the CRM.COM eWallet. Based on set thresholds you define, CRM.COM credits the open balance back into the customers’ accounts.

Meanwhile, CRM.COM handles this process automatically at the back-end with no card terminal changes required. Therefore eliminating the chances of human error during the transaction and resulting to an easier and faster project launch.

ewallet promotions and payments

Bigger, conditional awards

Conditional awards mean bigger bank promotions. Conditional cashback allows you to introduce awards in the range of 10% – 20%. Simply because you can channel the awards towards specific products, months, days, times or outlets, where the benefit for the merchant is higher. This allows for better utilization of your free capacity and the promotion of your slow or out of season products.

retail loyalty programs

Promotions with benefits

Card-linked bank promotions provide huge incentives for all parties involved.

Merchants benefit from the extensive marketing and promotion performed by the bank. Subsequently, this results in increased customer visits and higher revenue.

Cardholders benefit from cashback credited into their card simply by doing their everyday shopping.

Bank promotions are self-funded by merchants which significantly lower the costs for the bank while increasing bank card usage.

fintech loyalty

Bank & FinTech loyalty with product promotions

Award customers who have accomplished specific financial achievements. Or award those who have reached specific key product objectives.

For example:

  • Get a vehicle finance and earn $50 cashback
  • Don’t miss a loan installment and earn $20 cashback to spend at selected merchants
  • Use eBanking and do 10+ transactions in a calendar month and earn $3 cashback
bank rewards
emi wallet

PSD2 compliant multi-currency EMI-grade wallet

The CRM.COM eWallet fully conforms to the EMI regulations as published by the European Central Bank and in accordance to PSD2.

eWallet designed for the financial industry

Set up your EMI business with complete eWallet functionality, fully aligned to your internal policies and KYC rules.

  • Multiple funding sources
  • Multiple transaction types
  • Multiple fee types

Significantly, transactions are secured by One Time Passwords (OTPs).

emi wallet

Payments done in an instant

Give your customers the ability to use the CRM.COM eWallet as a method of payment across your own brand or extend it at other affiliate outlets. Provide a hassle free, time saving experience with fast payments and card on file. Increase FinTech loyalty simply via a smartphone.

ewallet payments

Embedded banking features

Enhance your eWallet-based solution with multiple embedded banking features to increase FinTech loyalty.

More specifically, CRM.COM provides the ability to hold funds in multiple currencies, create IBAN accounts and issue cards (virtual or physical).

bank rewards

FinTech subscriptions,
a perfect addition to a
bank’s core services

Easily set up an amazing product catalogue with flexible pricing and structure your fintech subscriptions by applying different usage allowances and service levels to meet the needs of even the most demanding digital customer.

fintech subscriptions

Value added services with gift cards

Gift cards have always been an appropriate gift on special occasions. Allow your customers to purchase physical or electronic passes (gift cards).

Passes can then be spent at a specific merchant or a group of merchants. Customers can purchase passes of a fixed amount of money or they may specify the amount they wish to top-up the gift card with.

Finally, the passes can be spent by scanning their QR code at the POS.

Increase FinTech loyalty with modern gift passes.

electronic gift cards

Are you launching a payment-linked promotions platform to boost your card usage and enhance your brand image? Did you get a license for a new EMI business? Are you introducing subscriptions to increase FinTech loyalty?

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