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Maturity in the OTT market

IBC 2023 was interesting and one of the most successful ones I have seen. Customers this year had clear needs and requirements and were specific about the solutions they required. This is a sign that the OTT market is maturing and that in the current market of careful investor funding the customers are careful where to spend their money.

The OTT operators are now focusing on their biggest asset, their customer, and we saw three trends. Operators are looking for “proper” subscription management, billing and CRM features with flexibility in bundles, billing and payment models. Retention was also huge, with operators looking to offer effective promotions and offers to increase repeat revenue and loyalty. And last but not least, aggregation is becoming important, with the operators requiring to bundle direct and complimentary services to their offering.

It looks like the days of the embedded simple CRM modules of the OTT vendors and the single 9.99/month package are over. Good to see more sense in the multi-billion OTT market.

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