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Subscription TV & Digital Video


Focus on your great product, we’ll do the rest

CRM.COM helps you diversify your platforms and monetize content and devices in order to expand and retain your subscriber base. CRM.COM is flexible in defining packages and pricing from simple flat rate models to more complex tiered rate models and free trials. Ready-made embedded payment gateways allow one-off and recurring credit card payments in 100+ currencies.

Additionally, CRM.COM helps you offer exceptional customer experience and after sales service throughout the subscriber lifecycle, helps you increase your subscriber base and minimize churn as well as lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Manage your offerings with a flexible product catalog

Respond to competitive pressure and easily bill recurring revenue offerings with the CRM.COM flexible product catalog which enables you to manage your offerings, pricing and promos.

Avoid product launch delays and pricing complications while managing products quickly and effectively across any line of your business. Dive deep into your offerings and offer value to your subscribers while you save precious admin time and decrease chances for costly mistakes.

Excellent bundling opportunities

CRM.COM is a fully packaged solution which provides sophisticated tools to manage your content portfolio where your customers can easily sign up and start viewing their favorite video content on any device, hassle free.  CRM.COM allows Subscription TV operators to effectively bundle and unbundle SVOD or channel assets to offer either as a package or a-la-carte basis.

CRM.COM is integrated with Netflix for subscription onboarding  as well as retrieving, accepting and declining charges posted by Netflix.

product bundles subscription packages billing software CRM.COM
subscription management recurring billing software CRM.COM

Any type of service. You name it, we bill it!

CRM.COM allows you to introduce and bill any type of service, from flat rate subscriptions to tiered rate services, from OTT to IPTV, from DTH to DTT, from Video On Demand (SVOD & TVOD) to Pay Per View (PPV) and from device selling to rentals. The introduction and billing of in-app purchases is also supported and these alternative flows provide a great source of extra revenue and added value for your subscribers.

Up-sell and cross-sell for additional revenue

Give your subscribers the flexibility to easily upgrade to more advanced offerings and allow them to purchase valuable add-ons for an enhanced viewing experience while you increase your recurring revenue.

Dig deeper into data with real time segmentation and BI analysis

CRM.COM allows TV and video operators to segment and analyze consumer behavior through our built-in BI tool, enabling you to offer the right packages, pricing and promos to the right customers throughout their subscriber lifecycle.

Assess subscriber engagement with specific products, experience the product’s core purpose, the health of a product, the frequency of interactions, the performance of certain marketing campaigns or promos and more.

CRM analytics BI software CRM.COM

OTT Ready

CRM.COM continuously adds features specifically for the OTT industry following the industry’s best practices:
  • Smooth OTT platform onboarding via the CRM.COM reverse Web API in minimum time; support of any OTT video platform
  • Support of SVOD and TVOD
  • Ability to provision through multiple providers
  • Support of multiple content providers with easy onboarding via the CRM.COM reverse Web API
  • Device management and monetization
  • Single Sign On (SSO) through CRM.COM and oAuth


Focus on the subscriber

offer individual, tailored packages bundled with promo offers and add-on services while providing them with exceptional after sales customer care service

Security and convenience

the Single Sign On (SSO) functionality provides subscribers a secure and convenient access via a centralized login system which simplifies the user journey across multiple platforms

Optimize your device management activities

enforce policies across a multitude of fixed and mobile devices with full management, authentication and usage tracking

Enhance monetization

increase your revenue via in-app purchases, a viable revenue opportunity for providers

Handle complex billing and subscription conditions

CRM.COM provides hundreds of ready made features in order to enable the operators to handle even the most demanding market conditions

The most extensive subscription and financial functions

supporting prepaid, pre-bill or post-bill billing along with contract binding, subscription resting, multi-screen, upgrades, downgrades and more allowing you to increase your Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

Are you launching a new subscription TV or video business or planning to replace your existing subscription management system to ensure growth and operational efficiency?