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Subscription-based Services


Monetize any business model

As the technology evolves and the trends shift towards more modern approaches, new business models appear in the market and the need for recurring revenue is as high as ever. Following the predicted large scale growth of subscription based businesses, there is a major focus on how business structure their offerings and set up their pricings to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

CRM.COM helps any subscription business whether it’s a SaaS company, IoT or fleet operations business by providing a unified billing solution to cater even for the most complex subscription models. CRM.COM offers flexible product bundling and pricing with powerful recurring billing and exceptional customer care to enhance the overall customer experience, increase operational efficiency and maximize ARPU and profitability.

Efficient device management

CRM.COM allows you to effectively manage your devices by setting up various rules to control the various types of devices, the maximum number of registered devices, the maximum number of concurrent logged in devices, device authentication, the usage of each device and the monetization of devices in terms of selling a device, renting it, charging for its usage or via in-app purchases.

CRM.COM can manage any device ranging from routers, set-top-boxes (STBs), PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, vehicles, security cameras, sensors, machines and more.

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subscription services management billing software CRM.COM

Automate and simplify the entire subscription lifecycle

CRM.COM allows you to achieve subscription billing automation and maximum revenue optimization throughout the subscribers’ lifecycle. CRM.COM allows to easily launch subscription services, pricings and discounts and distribute them across a variety of sales channels.

Easy self onboarding

CRM.COM allows the subscriber to easily register on her own via user friendly, branded self-care web portal or mobile app from which she can later manage her subscription as well as pay bills online, purchase and use vouchers, upgrade and downgrade her subscription, sign up for free trials and report issues with full flexibility and autonomy. CRM.COM is an expert in processing and monetizing big data collected from services or devices making it an ideal billing solution for the SaaS and IoT world respectively.

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Fleet management and pump-release

Fleet management and pump-release

CRM.COM offers a powerful solution for fleet and fuel operators and helps them improve their business customer portfolio and enhance their purchasing activity in an efficient and risk-controlled manner while at the same time it creates, encourages and retains loyal customers at retail level.
CRM.COM provides value to operators with a centralized fleet management solution including vehicle management, usage billing on both wet and dry stock, credit and consumption limits on company accounts and individual drivers, usage authorizations via One Time Passwords (OTPs) and more. On tne other hand, vehicle drivers can easily fuel by authenticating with OTPs and releasing the pump effortlessly via the mobile app with the touch of a button.

Sophisticated billing to attract and engage subscribers

CRM.COM provides all the required tools and layers to ensure a smooth customer onboarding and the best possible subscriber experience that will eventually result in maximum and long-term engagement, subscriber retention, and churn minimization.

  • Register, activate, pause, reactivate, cancel, rest, extend and contract-bind subscriptions
  • Flat rates, tiered rates
  • Subscription based, event based, usage based services
  • Pre-bill, post-bill and prepaid
  • Device management
  • Usage restrictions and credit limits
  • Usage authentications with OTPs
  • Free trials, discounts, promos, conditional cashback awards
  • Up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Accept and process payments of multiple payment methods
  • Account and eWallet management
  • Customer engagement with email reminders and notifications
  • Customer care for issue registration and tracking


For the SaaS operator

offer individual, tailored packages bundled with promo offers and add-on services while providing them with exceptional after sales customer care service

For the IoT operator

manage and bill your connected devices easily and remotely and create ongoing customer relationships and new revenue streams

For the fleet operator

enjoy a more comprehensive, structured and informed control over fuel consumption and other logistical items and expenses

For the petrol company

achieve effective account management with transaction acquiring in real time, flexible credit and allowance limits as well as pump authorizations

For the management team

CRM.COM offers a vast range of notifications as well as management reporting options

The most extensive subscription and financial functions

supporting prepaid, pre-bill or post-bill billing along with contract binding, subscription resting, upgrades, downgrades and more

Enhanced customer loyalty

launch innovative reward schemes to award your customers with conditional cashback awards, fully or partially funded by partners

Are you launching a new SaaS business or planning to replace your existing subscription management system to ensure growth and operational efficiency?