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Broadband & Triple Play


A highly scalable Triple Play billing solution

Triple Play is the provisioning of broadband, television and telephony via a single access subscription. Operators are in need of a robust and highly efficient triple play billing solution that allows them to easily bundle their services, assign flexible pricing to their offerings, execute mission critical rating and billing, collect payments and offer exceptional customer care.

CRM.COM is always in line with the latest trends in the telecommunications business including voice and video over IP, VoLTE, VoWIFI, Radius based broadband and other emerging and next generation technologies. CRM.COM helps you to easily deploy new services with flexible packaging and pricing models and perform powerful billing procedures that enhance your profitability and minimize churn. With the CRM.COM API, you can easily integrate to the IP service provisioning platform, or any other 3rd party platform, and synchronize subscription, service and usage data in real time.

Manage your offerings with a flexible product catalog

Respond to competitive pressure and easily bill recurring revenue offerings with the CRM.COM flexible product catalog which enables you to manage your offerings, pricing and promos.

Avoid product launch delays and pricing complications while managing products quickly and effectively across any line of your business. Dive deep into your offerings and offer value to your subscribers while you save precious admin time and decrease chances for costly mistakes.

An end-to-end solution with Radiator (AAA server)

CRM.COM and Radiator provide an end-to-end subscription management and billing solution for managing services like DSL, fibre, 3G/4G/5G for broadband, as well as VoLTE, VoWIFI and VOIP whilst at the same time enabling excellent tools for customer care.

Service characteristics (i.e., rx-rates/ tx rate limits, call limits) can be configured within CRM.COM without having to access the Radiator back-end panel. CRM.COM provisions customer services to Radiator which monitors the quota/time consumption and controls the service variables like for example the broadband speed and data consumption. Subscribers are informed of current usage level, payments or renewals with automated email or SMS notifications.

All the mission critical features are available to you to manage the logistics of routers, ticketing for fulfilment of deliveries, repairs, fully automated notifications for welcome messages, payment reminders, invoicing, automatically generated and distributed reports and more.

broadband triple play usage billing software CRM.COM
radiator broadband triple play billing software CRM.COM

Radiator: the Swiss army knife of RADIUS servers

Radiator is a highly configurable and flexible AAA server, runs on Linux, Windows and other platforms, is available as an NFV solution and supports authentication by 60+ different types of methods. Additionally, it interoperates with a huge range of devices, databases, billing packages and tokens and includes RadSec – a secure and reliable RADIUS proxying. Moreover, Radiator includes Diameter which is required by mobile operators and TACACS+ for infrastructure management.

Up-sell and cross-sell for additional revenue

Give your subscribers the flexibility to easily upgrade to more advanced offerings and allow them to purchase valuable add-ons for an enhanced viewing experience while you increase your recurring revenue.

Processes catered for the ISP and Triple Play operator

CRM.COM is a modern billing and subscription management solution which is fully packaged and highly configurable with all the ISP and triple play related billing and subscription management processes available.

  • Definition of broadband and IP telephony package/service characteristics
  • Configurations of different service quota (e.g., free night quota)
  • Different quota consumption based on time (e.g., night traffic)
  • Pool binding based on plans or IP defined ranges
  • Quota deduction management
  • Time usage balance
  • Subscriber disconnection based on consumed quota or due to period validity
  • Multiple payment methods (e.g., cash, credit cards, vouchers)
  • Walled garden and testing behavior if account is expired, has no quota, is frozen or is disabled
  • Ability to carry over quota, time or days
  • Reseller network
  • Dynamic IPs monitored via CRM.COM
  • TCP and SCTP for both IPv4 and IPv6


Focus on the subscriber

offer individual, tailored packages bundled with promo offers and add-on services while providing them with exceptional after sales customer care service

Flexible pricing

pricing is set up either globally or per country with currency and tax variations

Handle complex billing and subscription conditions

CRM.COM provides hundreds of ready made features in order to enable the operators to handle even the most demanding market conditions

Advanced recurring billing

utilize the extensive subscription billing features of CRM.COM and rate and bill your subscribers for their termed, one-off, usage or rental based services in an easy and effective manner

Effective warehouse management

manage your physical or electronic warehouses with full device tracking and stock control

Worry less about subscriber churn

Subscriber churn has been attributed to many reasons, one of them being the poor billing clarity. In CRM.COM we offer more than just a billing system. We monetize your entire business and drive growth with modern and consumer foused recurring revenue

Leverage the brand

shift the relationship with customers to one of a long-term service provider. Track each and every transaction and customer care activity for further enhancement of the SLAs and customer subscriptions

Are you launching a new broadband telephony or triple play business or planning to replace your existing subscription management system to ensure growth and operational efficiency?