subscription billing recurring revenue software CRM.COM

Subscription Billing

CRM.COM delivers ready made processes to enhance and simplify your subscription business

More Than A Billing Software

CRM.COM is a leader in NewGen billing with best practice and ready to be deployed processes. CRM.COM enables businesses to switch from asset-based to subscription based models: prebill, prepaid wallet based, post-paid and voucher-based. CRM.COM accommodates subscribers across multiple organizational models – B2C, B2B and B2B2C.

CRM.COM handles the entire subscriber lifecycle, from registration to paying bills, purchasing and using vouchers, ordering and registering devices, reporting issues, receiving automated notifications on due payments and more.

Subscription management recurring billing software CRM.COM
subscription billing payments CRM.COM

A world of payment options

CRM.COM is designed to handle multiple payment options such as cash, credit cards, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), eWallets and vouchers.

Vouchers are an alternative way of payment and both printed and electronic vouchers are supported. Subscribers are entitled to pay for their services with eVouchers that can be consumed by specific services on demand.

From free trials to paid plans

Provide the ability to prospect customers to subscribe for a free trial of your offerings before they convert to a paid subscription if they wish to do so. With CRM.COM you give your trial customers the option to cancel any time during their trial timeframe with no penalties or restrictions. Then, at the end of the trial, effectively convert your trial customers to paying subscribers as their billing lifecycle begins.


We value the flexibility of billing models

subscription management recurring billing software CRM.COM
Pay before bill

services are pre-billed either anniversary or period based and a bill is generated on successful payment

subscription management recurring billing software CRM.COM
Pay after bill

services are pre-billed either anniversary or period based and a bill is generated prior to payment

subscription management recurring billing software CRM.COM
Pay after bill

services are post-billed and a bill is generated

prepaid billing recurring revenue CRM.COM
Subscription driven

a pre-rated wallet based model where money is paid against the wallet and CRM.COM spends it on a FIFO basis upon the services consumption

prepaid billing recurring revenue CRM.COM
Payment driven

a non pre-rated wallet based model where money is paid against the wallet and auto allotted on the subscribed services based on the availability of funds

subscription billing management software CRM.COM

Increase subscriber loyalty and reduce churn rates

CRM.COM allows operators to award their subscribers based on the maturity of their subscriptions and the amount of usage services or monetary amount they have consumed within a period of time. Award your subscriber loyalty with a variety of sophisticated offers and watch your revenue increase.

Product capabilities to transform your subscription billing

Acquisition & CRM
  • Fast and easy subscriber onboarding
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Customer self-service via a web portal
  • Establish the identity of your subscribers and manage KYC
  • Spice up your communications with HTML based notifications
  • Provide exceptional customer care and after sales support
Billing & Finance
  • Monetize your services and content and create new revenue streams
  • Supporting all billing models
  • Statutory compliant and powerful financial layer
  • Supporting global as well as local payment methods
  • Ready for any country and currency
  • Advanced stock and inventory control
Product & Pricing
  • Easy to set up scalable subscription packages
  • Centralized product and pricing management
  • Experiment with trials and freemiums
  • Smooth transition from a free trial to a paid subscription
  • Device management and monetization with in-app purchases
  • Easy to integrate to 3rd party platforms (e.g. call centre)
Grow & Retain
  • Prevent churn and retain subscribers with sophisticated offers
  • Reward your most loyal subscribers with monetary awards
  • Award based on subscription length and product usage
  • Leverage discounts, offers and promos and increase win back rates
  • Segment your subscribers and provide targeted and personalized awards
  • Self-care rewards management via a web portal
Collaboration & Networking
  • Organize and model your business units
  • Grow your partner community with flexible partner onboarding
  • Easily define which data and processes are accessible by your partners and business units
  • Set up group collaborations and share data among departments
  • Trace sensitive data with audit trail records
  • Multiple system users and security profiles
Reports & Analytics
  • Acquire solid insights about your business in real time with our embedded BI
  • Analyze mission critical data via reports and dashboards
  • Automated reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Create and upload your own reports with your own metrics
  • Provide marketers a graphical insight into analytics
  • Monitor the performance of your services and adjust in real time
Nguyễn Công Dự

Nguyễn Công Dự

IT Director – MobiTV

“The flexibility of the CRM.COM Software allowed us to work with a diverse partner network, such as VNPost, and sign up tens of thousands of subscribers within a couple of months. The CRM.COM project team was experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with and led to an efficient project implementation that was launched on time.”