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Real Time Rewards

CRM.COM is a game changer

CRM.COM provides real time reward solutions that are designed to help you implement and manage sophisticated reward schemes that have a measurable increase in customer spending and repeat visits.

CRM.COM is a modern, fully packaged, real time rewards solution at SKU level with conditional awards in an eWallet, complete with full CRM functionality. CRM.COM takes the whole basket at the Point of Sale (POS) and matches the available offers at SKU/product level.  Awards are provided in real time at the POS or based on historical transactions.

Rewards AND a branded mobile app! All in one beautifully packaged solution

The CRM.COM rewards solution is pre-integrated with leading POS systems, card terminals, e-commerce platforms, online stores, payment gateways and SMS gateways, providing a complete ecosystem for those who want to play big in the loyalty game.

Having the consumer in mind, the CRM.COM rewards solution comes complete with a branded self-care web portal and mobile app that allows the reward participant to easily register and effectively manage her collected awards and eWallet. The participant is always up to date with running offers, her eWallet balance, her transactions and receive real time notifications on new offers, expiring awards, eWallet balance or other financial or marketing information.

cashback offers rewards loyalty software CRM.COM
online order delivery software CRM.COM

Online ordering for delivery and pickup

CRM.COM provides an out of the box rewards solution to the food service industry, complete with online order functionality for delivery and pickup. Online orders are placed via the branded web portal or mobile app for delivery at their preferred place or for pickup from their desired store. Participants have the ability to track the progress of their orders and even provide a real time feedback/rating.

Combine online ordering with CRM.COM Rewards and provide your customers the ability to earn cashback awards on their orders and use their awarded cashback on subsequent orders. Give your customers a huge incentive to order from you again.

Watch the video of how it works here.

Up-sell and cross-sell for additional revenue

Give your customers the flexibility to easily upgrade their purchased products (e.g. a larger coffee cup) and allow them to purchase attractive add-ons (e.g. with every coffee, get a snack for $1) for an enhanced ordering experience while you make money from the up-sells and cross-sells.

Richness of offers and conditional cashback

Spice up your retail or HORECA business with a rich set of offers which provide real time awards and increase customer loyalty. The awarded cashback can then be spent on specific products, on specific days and times or at specific stores or sales channels. Conditional cashback allows the operator to channel awards to the right products and offer increased awards where the margins are higher, even promoting purchases during slow-moving days and hours to utilize free capacity.

Offer types:

  • Sign ups
  • Referrals
  • Birthdays
  • Name Days
  • Days / Times
  • Products (SKU level)
  • Stores
  • Data Completion
  • Purchase Value
  • Frequency of Visits
  • Facebook Likes
  • Achievements
  • Lottery
  • Just Money


Ready to go

CRM.COM provides full automation of the entire reward scheme, including award and spend rules, partner contributions and the required settlement process

Complete eWallet functionality

say goodbye to plastic or paper cards that can be easily lost. Awards are stored in an eWallet and spends are handled in real time

Total engagement

keep customers engaged with real time notifications after an award, spend or offer

Rich CRM functionality

rich CRM functionality and customer care with full reporting for real time monitoring and adjustments

Easy to integrate

a full Web API is published in order to allow POS and other 3rd party systems to easily integrate to CRM.COM

Get your business partners to join

CRM.COM is truly collaboration-enabled, allowing partners to join schemes and co-fund awards and spends

Are you launching a new rewards platform or planning to replace your existing one to boost your sales and increase customer loyalty?