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Banks & Card Issuers

Real Time Rewards

Card-linked rewards with real value

CRM.COM is designed to help you introduce rewards to your cardholders via card-linked reward schemes which are fully merchant funded. CRM.COM allows you to easily onboard merchants and award your cardholders based on their purchases at participating merchants and the usage of their bank cards. Cardholders collect monetary awards in their eWallets which are auto-spent, i.e., credited back into their bank card.

Global offers are introduced by the bank and applied on all participating merchants but merchants also have the ability to set up merchant specific offers applied only at their stores.

The CRM.COM card-linked reward schemes provide huge incentives for both merchants and cardholders to participate. Merchants benefit from the extensive marketing and promotion performed by the bank which result in increased customer visits and higher revenue. On the other hand, cardholders benefit from their bank card usage as they earn cash credited into their card simply by using it for their purchases at participating merchants.

Bigger, conditional awards

The CRM.COM conditional cashback rewards allow you to introduce awards in the range of 10% – 20% because the awards can be channeled towards specific products, days and times, where the benefit for the merchant is higher. This allows for better utilization of free capacity and the promotion of slow or out of season products.

Conditional cashback offers are based on several award conditions such as sign ups, referrals, birthdays, name days, transaction amount, transaction frequency, purchased products, stores, day and time, personal data completion, lottery, just money and more.

The reward schemes are self-funded by merchants which significantly lowers the costs for the bank.

cashback awards rewards loyalty software CRM.COM
bank rewards loyalty software CRM.COM

Bank product rewards

Bank product rewards allow the bank to award customers who have accomplished specific financial achievements or have reached specific key product objectives.

A few examples are:

  • Get a vehicle finance and earn $50 cashback
  • Don’t miss a loan installment and earn $30 cashback to spend at selected merchants
  • Use eBanking and do a minimum of 10 transactions in a calendar month and earn $3 cashback

Flexible spends without requiring card terminal changes

Cardholders have the ability to download the branded mobile app and within the app they can indicate their spending preferences for a smooth cashback spending. If the spending preferences match the purchase, then according to the purchase amount, all the available amount in their eWallet will be auto-spent, i.e., credited into the bank card.

  • When transactions are above a certain amount
  • At specific merchants
  • As denoted by the merchant specific offers
  • A combination of the above

The spending process is performed automatically at the back-end with no card terminal changes required which eliminates errors by the cashier during the transaction and allows for an easier and faster project launch.


Easy merchant onboarding

CRM.COM is truly collaboration-enabled, allowing merchants to easily join schemes and fund awards and spends

Fully funded by merchants

cashback is offered on purchases made at participating merchants and is fully funded by merchants. Optionally, the bank can fund part of the awards

Highest cashback in the industry

unlike traditional reward schemes where cashback typically ranges between 1% and 2%, CRM.COM-powered schemes allow card issuers to award customers with much higher, 2-digit levels

Total customer engagement

keep cardholders engaged with real time notifications after a spend or wallet balance update

Rich CRM functionality

rich CRM functionality and customer care with full reporting for real time monitoring and adjustments

Easy to integrate

a fully documented API allows POS and other 3rd party systems to easily integrate to CRM.COM

No card terminal changes required

the awards and spends are processed automatically at the backend, therefore no card terminal changes are required allowing an easier and faster project launch

Are you launching a new card-linked rewards platform or planning to replace your existing one to boost your card usage and enhance your brand image?