real time conditional cashback rewards loyalty CRM.COM

Real Time Rewards

CRM.COM helps you understand your customers and target them individually with real time, meaningful product-based offers

Playing big in the rewards game

CRM.COM provides a sophisticated rewards engine that allows you to offer real time rewards on SKU (basket) level with conditional awards in an eWallet, in a beautifully packaged solution with branded mobile apps and web portals that can be easily set up. Simplify the onboarding process of your customers and ensure you easily capture rich customer data while complying to data protection policies.

CRM.COM handles the entire participant journey, from registration to managing eWallets and awards, communicating offers, reporting issues, receiving automated notifications and more.

CRM.COM is designed to scale to millions of rewards participants with a light authentication layer, high performance and security.

conditional cashback rewards loyalty software CRM.COM
conditional cashback real time offers loyalty software CRM.COM

Enhanced loyalty and increased customer spending

Amaze your customers, enhance their loyalty and increase repeat visitors with an innovative and modern rewards solution that looks like no other. CRM.COM offers more than just a loyalty solution, with multiple offer types, SKU-level offers, eVouchers, conditional awards and spends, award expirations, segmentation, business analysis, branded mobile apps and web portals and more.

Engage with your customers at any time from any place

Easily engage with your customers via in-app notifications for marketing, financial or operational purposes so as to never miss any of your exciting offers or stay up to date with their wallet balance.

Track customer feedback about the experience with your offerings easily from within the mobile app and analyze results to understand where there is room for improvement.

Engage with your customers at any time from any place

Reduce costs and maximize ROI of offer with conditional cashback

Award your customers based on:

  • New Sign ups
  • Referrals
  • Birthdays
  • Name Days
  • Personal Data Completion
  • Days/Times
  • Specific Stores
  • Purchased Products
  • Purchase Value
  • Frequency of Visits
  • Facebook Likes
  • Specific Achievements
  • Lottery
  • Just Money

With conditional cashback to spend on:

  • Specific Days/Times
  • Specific Products
  • Specific Stores

Product capabilities for customer loyalty at its best

Acquisition & CRM
  • Fast and easy customer onboarding
  • Customer self-service via web portal and mobile app
  • Establish the identity of your customers with easy to set up KYC processes
  • Spice up your communications with customers
  • Provide exceptional customer care and after sales support
  • Enhance agent productivity with call center integration
Grow & Retain
  • Sophisticated offers with conditional cashback awards
  • SKU based offers
  • Segment your customers and provide targeted and personalized awards
  • Set up campaigns and offers and increase win back rates
  • Drive spends where your margins are higher or the cost is lower with conditional cashback
Transactions & Finance
  • Monetary awards straight into the customers’ eWallets
  • The fully itemized basket is collected at the POS
  • Pre-integrated with leading POS, e-commerce systems and card terminals
  • Automated transaction-triggered notifications
  • Paperless transactions with electronic punch cards
  • Ready for any country and currency
Collaboration & Networking
  • Organize business structure and hierarchies
  • Grow your partner community with flexible partner onboarding
  • Reduce risks with world class security
  • Set up group collaborations and share data among departments
  • Trace detailed data with audit trail records
  • Multiple system users and security profiles
Reports & Analytics
  • Acquire solid insights about your business in real time
  • Analyze mission critical data via reports and dashboards
  • Automated reports on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • Built-in BI system with advanced segmentation
  • Provide marketers a graphical insight into analytics
  • Monitor the performance of your offers and adjust in real time

Whichever industry you belong to, we have a solution for you

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Margarita Rosmari

Margarita Rosmari

Head of Loyalty & Added Value Services – Eurobank EFG

“This innovative cashback loyalty scheme by CRM.COM allowed us to grow our cardholder base which subsequently increased cards spending at our partners’ premises while at the same time delivering tangible rewards at the point of sale. Additionally, through the functionalities offered, the loyalty scheme enabled us to make the right proposition each time to our customers and boost spending at partner companies via promotional activities. Furthermore, it allowed us to expand our merchant business and enhance our relationships with our business partners who benefit from increased sales and a loyal customer base.”