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Product Overview

Next generation subscription billing, rewards and digital money

The most feature rich subscription billing, rewards and digital money solution

We help you achieve your utilization and revenue targets and increase customer satisfaction whether you are offering your services on a B2C or B2B basis

Your complex business needs met in a simple way

recurring billing software CRM.COM
Subscription Billing
  • Introduce subscriptions for recurring revenue and encourage subscribers to upgrade or order add-ons
  • Bill any digital service (video, voice, broadband, SaaS) or physical device (purchase or rental)
  • Provide premium services for a fee and offer incremental high-quality benefits based on the tier
  • Automate your payment processes from multiple payment sources and never miss a payment


Cashback rewards loyalty software CRM.COM
  • Award customers with cashback into their eWallets or provide instant discounts
  • Set up loyalty tiers with more attractive benefits as you climb on the loyalty ladder
  • Segment customers based on their activity to better understand them and offer them personalized rewards
  • Award eVouchers with conditional cashback (i.e., $10 valid on weekdays between 4:00pm – 7:00pm) in order to control your costs


prepaid billing recurring revenue CRM.COM
Digital Money
  • Enable transactions using digital money by topping up the eWallet from multiple funding sources (credit or debit cards, SEPA, SWIFT etc.)
  • Single currency or multi currency
  • Provide IBANs and electronic or physical credit cards
  • Allow digital money to be used at your own brand or affiliate outlets
  • Set up your KYC profiling, minimize risk and prevent fraud with continuous checks and transaction monitoring


A powerful ecosystem with ready-made integrations

Integrating your entire business ecosystem with best of breed 3rd party tools becomes a snap with our pre-built connectors.

CRM.COM recurring billing revenue and rewards loyalty software

Best Practice Business Processes

CRM.COM provides ready to deploy, best practice business processes and has global expertise for even the most demanding and complex project implementations.  In addition, it is designed to be easily extended with a powerful API and integration tools.

CRM.COM is a member of TM Forum, a non-profit global industry association, one of the largest collaboration environments in the world, which helps its members transform and succeed in the digital economy.

Powerful Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence (BI) component of CRM.COM allows users to explore and ask questions on complex revenue, product, sales and marketing data and gain new insights into subscribers and customer behavior.

The CRM.COM BI provides a data driven process with an intuitive user interface where users can easily develop advanced graphical charts and powerful customer segments and personas.

Optionally you can use mixpanel, a pre-integrated powerful analytics tool to analyze, measure and improve your customer experience. Over and over again…


CRM analytics BI software CRM.COM
cloud billing rewards software CRM.COM

Choose the right deployment model

CRM.COM is easily deployable, either as an on premise (choose your cloud vendor) or on demand (CRM.COM cloud) model. Choose the deployment method that better suits your budget and needs.

Powerful and efficient technology architecture

CRM.COM is designed to deliver high performance, scalability and maximum security. CRM.COM is purely developed in Java and a full Microservices architecture that provides the benefit of code portability and thus can be deployed on any operating system or client device.

CRM.COM is fully customizable and can be easily integrated to 3rd party systems using its OpenAPI based RESTful API. In addition CRM.COM provides a customisation platform that can be used to extend and customize the user interface, create custom analytics and ETL enhancements, create custom APIs and extend the business functionality.

To read more about the CRM.COM technology and architecture click here.

recurring billing revenue cashback rewards loyalty software CRM.COM

Get the most out of the CRM.COM API

CRM.COM’s Service Oriented Architecture provides more than 350 RESTful Web APIs that can be used to easily integrate with other 3rd party systems. The CRM.COM Web API allows third party systems (content providers, OTT platforms, payment gateways, POS systems, mobile apps, web portals and more) to interact with CRM.COM by performing all the business processes provided by CRM.COM as well as accessing important business rules that are defined within CRM.COM.

CRM.COM provides a fully documented API with ready made integration models and integration guides.