CRM.COM Technology Architecture model
The following diagram shows the different architecture models as specified by Gartner Group.  An architecture can be classified in one of the five categories, depending on where each logical component (User Interface, Business Logic and Database) executes. By Server we mean database or application server(s) and by Client the PC.

Gartner Group Client - Server Architecture

CRM.COM Software maps to the “Distributed Interface” model and is purely developed on the Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) platform.

Although a Java EE application can consist of three or four tiers (application, client and web client) Java EE multitiered applications are generally considered to be three-tiered applications because they are distributed over three locations: client machines, the Java EE server machine, and the database at the back end.

In our case, the User Interface is generated on the web server (Web container) and then transferred to the client PC. The application server (EJB container) handles the Business logic. The Web and Business tiers comprise the Middle tier and the EIS (Enterprise Information System tier) contains the RDBMS.


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