Retail- Rewards and Loyalty

Challenge / Need

Over the years, traditional loyalty schemes have been proven to be highly costly with questionable ROI. At the same time the data insight they provide to customer spending patterns as well as the increase in repeat spending indicate their importance and therefore a new and more efficient model is required.

CRM.COM value proposition

CRM.COM is a real time Reward Solution that is designed to help retailers implement and manage sophisticated loyalty schemes that are self-funded and have a measurable increase in customer spending.

Launch a competitive scheme
CRM.COM enables the retailer to provide real time money back awards based on multiple award conditions such as transaction amount, product, channel or customer characteristics. These awards are in the form of money back and can be conditional, meaning that they can be spent for specific products, at particular times or at specific channels. This conditional “money” allows the retailer to channel awards to “lower cost” products and therefore to offer increased awards.

CRM.COM is truly collaboration-enabled, allowing partners to join schemes and co-fund awards and spend. Partners can be independent, having their own separate database or just belong to the same company setup.

Ready to go
CRM.COM Software provides full automation of the whole scheme, including award and spend rules, partner contributions and the required reconciliation. In additional, a full Web Service API is published in order to allow POS and other systems to integrate to CRM.COM.

Ideal for Loyalty Operators
A loyalty operator is an organization that undertakes to implement a loyalty solution for a number of merchants in a coalitional manner. CRM.COM is ideal for operators and CRM.COM makes sure that all processes are automated, including the complex reconcile and operator fee billing processes.

Gift cards
CRM.COM provides a gift card solution as part of its Reward engine, where real time gift cards can be purchased by customers. Gift cards can be one-off or top-up and can be coupled with a reward scheme, creating a powerful consumer offering.

Gift card issuers can also use gift cards as an innovative way to issue refunds as well as benefit from non-redeemed balances. In addition, card issuers can control how gift cards are used by setting various rules (e.g minimum and maximum value, expiration etc.).

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