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CRM.COM delivers Tier 1 grade billing software, easy to setup and flexible to meet the needs of any recurring billing operator. CRM.COM provides ready made processes to meet the requirements of the most demanding billing tasks, ranging from a simple period based SaaS model to a complex event based triple play operation.

CRM.COM provides specially designed layers to handle all parts of the billing process in an integral manner. Subscriptions generate usage records from events and services which are then rated based on price plans and promotions. Rated usage is then billed into financial transactions which update the subscribers account or wallet. This design completeness makes the software easy and intuitive to use, provides revenue assurance and positions CRM.COM as your central billing platform.

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CRM.COM Rewards allows you to create innovative and flexible offers and award individual or group of customers with conditional cashback in their private wallets. The CRM.COM Application works above the billing and invoicing layers and provides conditional money based on financial, demographic and market conditions. The cashback can be conditional, meaning it can be spent on specific products, in particular time periods or for particular channels.

The targeted awards and the conditional money concept provides a powerful combination, enabling our clients to leverage the cost of the offers and offer higher level of awards,enjoying increased revenue and better utilisation of their products and services.

The CRM.COM Rewards Application can be used stand alone or with other CRM.COM Applications to offer a powerful platform where customer loyalty and value is rewarded on a real time basis.

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CRM.COM is designed from the ground up for collaboration. The Software supports a powerful concept where Communities (independent companies) consist of Groups and Units and cooperate with each other across their billing and reward processes.

Collaboration is achieved by specifying what data can be viewed or modified and how resources can be shared. The flexibility and diversity of this collaboration enables our clients to utilise a multi-level partner and channel network and leverage their sales and delivery capabilities.

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  • Laptop 8
    1 Rich contact information for all your customers 2 Set up contact information uniqueness validations 3 Contact information access according to the user group 4 Customize screens using a built-in designer tool 5 Integrate with address registries
  • Laptop 9
    1 Manage your customers’ subscriptions 2 Activate or deactivate a subscription 3 Add, remove or swap installed items such as TV decoders or telephone routers 4 Add, remove, swap, start or stop services on a subscription 5 Bill a subscription up to a specific date 6 View full subscription history 7 View full state history of subscription services
  • Laptop 10
    1 Retrieve settled (paid), deactivated subscriptions and reactivate them in batch 2 Retrieve unsettled (unpaid) subscriptions and deactivate them in batch 3 Decision on which subscriptions to be activated or deactivated is taken based on conditions configured in the processes based on your company’s business rules 4 Schedule the processes to run automatically on a recurring basis 5 For each process, view subscriptions that were activated or deactivated accordingly 6 For each process, view related errors that may occurred
  • Laptop 11
    1 Execute billing runs to charge customers for using the services they subscribed to 2 Generate and send bills to customers 3 Set up billing term schemes to specify the business policies based on which the billing engine should bill each subscription 4 Manage service usage and charge accordingly through subscription Usage Data Records (UDRs) 5 Preview the results of a billing run 6 Provide flexible pricing through billing term discount options 7 Drilldowns give you the ability to view a more detailed information
  • Laptop 13
    1 Create and maintain an accounts receivable for every customer with whom you transact with financially 2 Set a credit rating on an accounts receivable to indicate its financial and credit risk level 3 Specify the preferred method of paying billable events 4 Specify the preferred method of receiving an invoice or bill 5 View accounts receivable balance figures 6 Suspend an accounts receivable
  • Laptop 12
    1 Create price plans in order to specify rates for your products and services 2 Tiered rate, quantity based model supported 3 Flat rate, quantity based model supported 4 Tiered rate, usage based model supported 5 Tiered rate, maturity based model supported 6 Provide flexible pricing through conditional price plans or additive discounts 7 Tiered rate, duration based model supported
  • Laptop 14
    1 Award your customers based on their actions such as social network activities, website visits, personal data completeness or reward achievements 1 Specify the validity period of the reward offer 1 Award your customers based on customer criteria (e.g. birthdays or customer segments) 1 Award your customers based on transaction criteria 1 Award your customers based on product criteria 1 Define cashback as a fixed amount or as a percentage of the total transaction value 1 Award purchases of specific products or product types 1 Award your customers which have referred other customers to sign up 1 Specify the award conditions that should be met in order for the customer to be awarded 1 Specify the spend conditions that should be met in order for the cashback to be spent 1 Award your customers based on the day and/or time that the purchase was performed 1 Award your newly registered customers
  • Laptop 15
    1 Specify the validity period of the reward scheme 2 List all the reward offers which are provided by the reward scheme 3 Specify and control the organizational units that are eligible to use and add participants to the reward scheme 4 Keep track of the reward participants which are eligible for the specified reward offers 5 Multiple reward schemes can be supported within the system

Subscriber Management & Billing for Subscription TV Operators

CRM.COM enables subscription TV operators to increase operational efficiency and boost revenues while keeping your overall TCO low.

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  • “The flexibility of the CRM.COM Software allowed us to work with a diverse partner network, such as VNPost, and sign up tens of thousands of subscribers within a couple of months. The CRM.COM project team was experienced, knowledgeable and easy to work with and led to an efficient project implementation that was launched on time”

    Nguyễn Công Dự, IT Director, AVG

  • “The CRM.COM software is a powerful reward engine that allows us to launch affordable and beneficial loyalty schemes for our customers. That, coupled with modern, sound, flexible and expandable architecture made the CRM.COM software an obvious choice for seamless integration with the rest of our platforms. The company clearly understood the requirements of the project and followed a structured way of project deployment. The project was delivered on time and within budget”

    Marinos S. Nomikos, IT Director, ANEK Lines

  • “This innovative cashback loyalty scheme by CRM.COM allowed us to grow our cardholder base, over 2 million, which subsequently increased cards spending at our partners premises while at the same time delivering tangible rewards at the point of sale. Additionally through the functionalities offered the loyalty scheme enabled us to make the right proposition each time to our customers and boost spending at partner companies via promotional activities. Furthermore, it allowed us to expand our merchant business and enhance our relationships with our business partners who benefit from increased sales and a loyal customer base.” 

    Margarita Rosmari, Head of Loyalty & Added Value Services, Eurobank EFG











  • CRM.COM will be exhibiting at the IBC 2016 in Amsterdam
    CRM.COM will be exhibiting at the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2016 exhibition taking place at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on the following dates: 9-13 September 2016.
    Written on Monday, 22 August 2016 10:56 READ MORE
  • CRM.COM Signed A Contract With Baran Telecom
    We are pleased to announce that CRM.COM has signed a contract with Baran Telecom in Iran for a Subscriber Management System and Billing solution for the launch of its IPTV/OTT service.
    Written on Monday, 23 May 2016 00:00 READ MORE